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What Do You Desire From Life?

What do you desire from life? Do you want material goods, such as a nice house, car, money, fame, glory, or self-determination? Perhaps you already own a fancy car, nice house and have plenty of money but it does not seem fulfilling. Have you ever sit down and projected the reimbursement from building self-determination?

In The Grace Of Silence

When the Santa Ana’s blow, we all hold our collective breath. We know what those winds can bring. We know the fury they carry, a fury that can devastate entire communities. We know that when they begin, we had best pay attention. No amount of money or power or fame can tame the winds. We all know it. Yet, still, we stay.

Which Way Is North?

What do you want from your life? Sound pretty simple. However I bet you that it is not as simple as it seems. Many years ago I got my SCUBA certification. Well the first time that the question was put to me I was about 90 feet underwater. I had a scuba tank on my back and we where about to take off our masks under water to buddy breathe.

Illusions And Fantasies

It would be a fairly safe bet that all of us have had an illusion or two, and a lot of fantasies in our lives — I sure have! In my yesterdays, when I was merely a developing dude, I fantasized that I was superman, and was bound and determined to disentangle, fix, interpret, unlock, and unravel all of the “bad guys.” — and then enrapture them with the awareness, intelligence, philosophy, and principles they needed to become “good guys.”

What To Do Now?

Generating questions about the accelerating growth of media and communications is easy. How to respond meaningfully to these challenges, to make a lasting difference in our own lives? Here is a question worth asking.

Confidence Plan

I want to give you some tools that will propel you forward towards reaching your confidence goals in a way that is always expanding. After all each and every one of us experience certain setbacks when it comes to manifesting what we really want in life.

How To Become A Karma Chameleon

“Eye for an eye”, “Like attracts like”, “What goes around comes around”. You’ve all heard the aforementioned cliches before. But have you ever really stopped to think about what they mean or what they have to do with you?

Launching Your Work Into the World – Just Start Dancing And The Band Will Find You

The universe has invited us all to thrive in our lives and no one and nothing is ever holding us back. We have enough opportunities to share, showcase, and refine our talents right in the here and now. Tiny actions taken with huge-heartedness awaken big breaks and breakthroughs. Some of the richest opportunities come in the plainest of circumstances.

Why Bother Really?

Recently I was speaking to someone at an event and they began to talk about personal development and coaching, they had one question and it’s one I’ve heard a lot over the years. Why bother really?

Can Cows Teach Us A Lesson?

How can a cow possibly show me any thing? I know that a cow gives us milk but what else?

Creating and Using a Victory Journal

During an interview with Sandi Givens the discussion lead to how women sometimes have a difficult time disassociating themselves from the things that they do. In other words, when a woman presents an idea to someone, and the idea is rejected or she’s told it’s not a very good idea; many women find it difficult to remember that it was the idea itself that was rejected and not the “woman”.

The Battle Between Diligence And Excuses

Mankind has a nasty habit of starting things and not finishing. For example, people start a new diet plan, a reading plan, a spending plan, or a new gym membership; however they end up getting off course. What is lacking is diligence. There can be a number of reasons for stopping something that was intended to yield good results; it could be lack of time, a new relationship, etc. These reasons can be used to become excuses.

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