STOP WASTING TIME – Motivational Speech

Choose To Be A Cause In Your Game

Have you ever thought about how you influence yourself? Are you like a thermometer, reacting to changes in the environment, or are you a thermostat, ready and willing to change yourself according to changes in the environment? In golf, there are only two things that affect your game.

Are You Doing What You Really Want To Do?

Are you doing what you really want to do? What is you passion in life? If you had to select one thing, what would it be?

It Is the Little Things That Mean So Much

I am often reminded of the musical “The Sound of Music” when I think about the little things that mean so much. I envision Julie Andrews twirling around on top of the mountain singing “My Favorite Things.” As she belts out, “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…” I ponder on the simplicity of those words and the image and feelings they create.

Eliot Spitzer – A Lesson For All Of Us

The Spitzer tornado has kept the media and political circles busy for the last few days. Mr. Spitzer’s fall from grace has wider implications than his immediate legal and personal troubles. Each interest group has an interpretation of Mr. Spitzer’s downfall, which sometimes makes it difficult to extract a clear lesson from the tragedy. I believe there are lessons each of us can learn from this tragedy for our own personal journeys.

Step into Your Greatness – Where Playing Small is No Longer an Option

Shakespeare wisely wrote, “This above all: to thine own self be true. When you step into your greatness, everyone around you and beyond you benefits. Learn how here!

Funerals For Life

The other day, I had to attend the funeral of my friends brother. Here was a man that served for thirty-eight years in the navy, and, upon retiring, was known for his jolliness and zest for life, and died suddenly while playing hockey with his friends. He was only fifty-nine years old. After the service, the…

The Gap Between Saying and Doing

I am often perplexed at how often I still fail at the basic things. These are things I say I’m going to do but yet still I cannot do consistently. Like the day before yesterday I spent the whole day trying to work out solutions to the two areas of my life that I still fail in; serving cheerfully through what feels like constant interruptions at work, and being more tolerant in certain situations around the home. Do you relate with these sorts of struggles? Do you have other struggles?

The Shinning Knight Of Virtue

Once upon a time there was a great and humbled man who lived in a fine apartment on the edge of the city of life. One sunny day this proud and noble man looked in the mirror and realized he was a Knight of Virtue.

I Wish You Joy

My one wish to you, however, is joy. Could you visualize your life to be one filled with peace and happiness?

Realize Your Dreams With Your Intuition Powers

Do you remember the popular cartoon The Flintstones? Fred cavorted with a miniature, green alien named Kazoo who would sometimes get him into trouble. This was for all purpose-sakes, Fred’s metaphorical alter ego.

On Being Kind to Yourself

We can all have ‘one of those’ days where we feel ‘lower than a snake’s belly.’ See how my day pans out as I dissect what actually happened on one of those days.

Waiting For the Opportunity – A Lesson From Monet

Every day is different – not to mention every hour. If you have any doubt, just ask Claude Monet.

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