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The Definition of Motivation

Motivation is a complex process; it needs a careful understanding of many elements and factors underlying it. The ability to motivate individuals to achieve desired results starts with understanding the word motivation.

Take Small Steps to Accomplish Your Goals

I noticed that most people set big goals for themselves. After the first couple of months in the new year, those goals are usually forgotten. People rarely think about the importance of taking small steps to accomplish these goals.

3 Areas Where You Might Be Working Hard at Procrastination

Why are we working so hard to procrastinate? Some of us would rather do anything, except deal with the areas that cause you to procrastinate. Take a look inside you and figure out which one applies to you.

Ways to Stay Motivated

On every journey towards the obtainment of a goal, there will be many obstacles and challenges. Most of these obstacles are mental. The reason why so many people fail to achieve their goals is simply because they fail to keep up their motivation.

Accept That You Are Imperfect and Others Are Just As Flawed As You Are

“I have flaws and you have flaws so there’s no reason to bawl. I accept your flaws and you accept my flaws and our relationship can surely soar.”

Conquering Your Fears

You can try affirmations to conquer your fears, but those only work for some people. You can try telling yourself over and over again that you are not afraid, but again, that only works for some people. Or…

Jettisoning Fear a Moment at a Time

Most of our fear is founded in the unknown. As soon as we commit to inquiring of it in truth it falls away, and then things are seen for what they really are. Even if they’re still daunting we can somehow muster the required courage to negotiate the rest of the way.

Stop Doing What You “Ought” to Do and Do What You Want to Do

Goals are the paths of life. They are a great tool to get you where you are going. Once you have achieved your goals, you should be right where you want to be.

The Meaning of Life – You Get What You Think About

So many of us are seeking the meaning of life. We always “feel” like we are supposed to be doing something else, but we don’t know what that “something else” is. We know we are not following the correct path that we were meant to follow, so we constantly search for answers in the meaning of life.

Five Good Reasons to Have a Mentor

It is often said that you can model behavior from those who came before you. This will help you improve your results. Beauty queens watch videos of previous winners to figure out what the winner did.

When You Have No Motivation to Do Anything – How to Achieve That Motivation Breakthrough

You’re not sure how it started but you wake up one day and realize that you have no motivation to do anything. You have good friends but you can’t be bothered to see them, you know you should exercise, but that’s just too much hard work.

How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Great Success

There are so many ways to become successful but at the heart of all success lies one thing – MOTIVATION. How do you stay motivated after several months or weeks have gone by. How do you motivate yourself after a set back? Follow these essential motivation tips.

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