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Procrastination – How to Move on When Feeling Overwhelmed!

It happened again! You missed doing something that you had totally set your mind up to do.

Are You “What” You Know?

Consistently being who you are solidifies relationships in all areas of your personal and professional life, and the opposite is true if you want to scare folks off. They would leave skid marks and run the other way.

The Theories on Motivation and How to Motivate Yourself

There are various theories about motivation and in this article I shall look at a few of them. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow turned psychology on its head and instead of studying sick people and those with problems he studied healthy, successful people to find out how and why they achieved their success.

Why the 21 Day Rule Works

Who’s heard of the 21 day rule? It’s a method of doing/saying/being something for 21 days, in effect to make it become a habit. Think about what you do on a habitual basis in your current life.

Why Most People Fail

When it comes to doing or attempting something that hasn’t been done before with one’s own hands, more often than not most people will fail. Failure is a situation that can be taken in a number of ways.

Troubles Come And Go Therefore Live And Enjoy Life

Let us choose life over death always, but let us choose responsibility as a prelude to nonsensical rules that harbour pent up emotions causing disasters that could be prevented. A vision of happy smiling children is more preferable to a vision of children dying senselessly in murky situations. Contraception as dictated by religious dictators is immoral and I have to wonder where on earth are they finding the information to validate this theory.

Success is Sometimes As Simple As Taking Advantage of an Opportunity

I love Byron Katie. I really do. I had a read a ton of literature on happiness – from academic studies to the Dalai Lama – and nothing helped me let go of my stressful thoughts like her simple process called “the Work.”

It’s Time to Get Started

“I will one day.” “When I get a little older.” “When the kids are gone.” When I get done with college.” “When I get some bills paid off.”

The Lazy Epidemic

Lazy is defined in most dictionaries as contributing to an unwillingness to work or make an effort. Laziness in achieving the things we want out of life has become an epidemic.

Do Your Own Thinking, Don’t Let Others Do it For You

Have you come across a situation where in you wanted to do one thing, but you ended up doing just the opposite just to please somebody else? I happened to come across one recently, and this time instead of being a victim, I decided to be a victor and corrected it. Read on to find out how.

Manifester’s Block – 4 Tips For Creative People

Have you ever felt totally inspired to create something, or see a fabulous way to solve a problem, but then you get bogged down when it comes to implementation? The initial burst of creativity gets buried in your mind under an avalanche of thoughts, questions, and fears that can ultimately block your progress, wear you out and zap your confidence.

An Experiment in Peak Performance

I am not sure if this will work. There is no scientific bases to what I am going to propose here. It is just a thought, an idea, a what if, that has been playing around in my head.

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