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Almost is Still Faking it, Only Making it is Making It

Never quit. Find different ways to go on. That is simple advice, yet the most effective I can give. This is not bootlegged advice about beating a dead horse. This is advice on how to go on with your life even after seeming failure.

Make the Most of the Gaps

The in-between times of life are just as important to our growth as the times when we are busy doing. We tend to dismiss them as contributing nothing, but in actual fact they can be even more important than the times when we are deeply involved in doing things.

Take Off the Brakes

Motivation is very important for everyone to have. What makes one individual have more motivation more then another? It is all within our thoughts and inner strength.

Say Yes to Life

Lin Yutang said, “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” Although Lin Yutang may have taken this concept to the extreme, we could all benefit from stopping to consider where we spend our time.

Goal Achievement – Ways to Stay Motivated

You want to achieve your goals. You want to make changes to your life.

The Most Important Question to Answer

Did you know Warren Buffet – the second richest man in the world – started out as a pinball repairman? Interesting to see where people started out and where they end up, isn’t it? For instance, I started out as a waterslide attendant, door to door salesperson, telemarketer, banana picker and I even did a few stints as a waiter.

Can Being Creative Make You Successful?

So are you creative? Can you be successful? Let’s see what can happen.

Motivation – The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

There are hundreds of self-help websites and books to teach you how to be happy and successful. But, if learning about happiness and success was all it took to become happy and successful, wouldn’t everybody already be there?

Discover the Importance of Motivation

The term ‘motivation’ encompasses a wider domain of a real life. It is much beyond the definition provided in the dictionary, according to which it’s a cause or a reason that puts a human to act for a specific purpose. But is that all motivation is about?

5 Easy Ways to Achieve More Each Day, Get More Success and a Brighter Future

It can be so hard to know which way to turn when life is against you, when every decision always seems to be the wrong one. Days go by and you achieve very little. Use these 5 quick ways to get you motivated and finish every day knowing it is going to be better than yesterday.

5 Techniques to Unstoppable Motivation

Are you having a hard time getting out of your comfort zone? Do you lose your motivation easily? Why is it so easy to fall into a comfort zone, but so hard to get out?

There is the Finish Line – Cross It

You know what you want to achieve. You know what you need to do to achieve it. So what is stopping you from achieving what you want, and what can you do to remove the blockers preventing you from having what you want?

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