Take a Breath, and DO THIS to SELF SOOTHE in SECONDS When Something Upsets You

Why Being 3-Foot-2 Doesn’t Matter

Our lives have multiple acts, volumes and chapters. What makes being an entrepreneur so exciting and challenging is that as individuals and as business people, we are constantly beginning, evolving, changing, and growing.

Motivation: Understanding The Causes And Addressing Them

Being motivated is a constant struggle in life. Everyday, we get bombarded with challenges and negative thoughts. Add to this the fear we have for the future. We are faced with doubts with our job, our self, and sometimes we just begin to question our own purpose in life. In the day-to-day complexities of life, how can we keep ourselves motivated?

3 Keys To Keep Yourself Motivated All The Time

Do you want to learn how you can keep yourself motivated all the time and get all the things done? Motivation is one of the most important keys to success that you need. If you do not have the motivation and the drive, you will never take the action and accomplish your goals. This article is going to show you the 3 keys how you can stay motivated at all times.

Better Life – 10 Encouraging Insights

It is my intention in writing this article to share some insights and challenge you to change your paradigm because it is when this shift occurs in the mind of an individual that every thing else begins to follow with the desires, dreams, goals, thoughts and actions that lead to uncommon success. I’m not being prescriptive, neither do I claim ownership of a franchise of wisdom, but I’m simply sharing nuggets that have imparted growth onto me.

Positive Motivation: Stand and Deliver

Have you ever felt frustrated with regards to your online business? Perhaps you have come across some difficulties that has left you feeling vulnerable and uncertain of the goals you have set to maintain your online business. It is a fact that competition in this venture is really tough, so what can be your assurance to make your online business succeed?

How to Motivate Anyone Including Yourself With 7 Minutes and a Cup of Coffee

Do you, your team or organization need to overcome obstacles and deliver results? Perhaps, you are having issues motivating your team or even yourself? Do you need to know how to find those elusive “hot buttons” that ignite people into action? Well, guess what? You cannot motivate anyone other than yourself. BUT you can determine their motivators in 7 minutes over a cup of coffee.

An Excellent Spirit – 10 Things About Excellent Execution

Excellent, outstanding, brilliant: that is the eloquent expression of elegance in the way one executes all things pertaining to life, be it in business, ministry or relationships. Such a person can turn any ordinary task into a something special because of their touch of excellence. They sweat the small stuff.

Taking Life On Its Merits

Getting ahead or getting behind; common problems them both. It is better simply to take life as it comes, learning to plan, but little enough to retain the delicate balance.

Do You ‘Respond’ Or ‘React’?

In every situation or problem, we have a choice to respond or react. And our choice determines how we get affected by the situation or problem. Choose to ‘respond’ – choose to be happy, and be in control of your life.

Why Does Your Motivation to Achieve Your Goal Lessen?

Why do people lose their motivation to achieve their goals? And What is the cause of losing it? Here’s a tip on how to regain your Motivations.

How Many Of You?

Do we really know why we just told our daughter she couldn’t… Do we know why what our spouse said hurt us to the “quick” and they have no clue. Do we know why we just decided not to take a moment to ourselves?

Useful Tips – How to Be Funny?

Motivational advice on how to be funny. Are you tired of sitting in the background and listening to someone else cracking all the jokes? Do you want to be the one causing a smile to appear on everyone’s face? Well, it actually isn’t that hard. With a few good tips you can be the one cracking jokes at almost every occasion and having people absolutely adore you.

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