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The Reactive Mind — Why People Fail

I was thinking about something the other day that really didn’t sit too well with me… You see, most people live in a “reactive” state of mind. In other words, their circumstances dictate everything around them. Most anything can and will effect their mood…

What Are You Waiting For?

Whatever your age, or position on your life’s storyboard, there are seldom enough years to satisfy us. We always want more time. The paradox here is that we also believe that we have more than enough time to procrastinate, to tackle things later. .” Someday must become today.

Sometimes You Need To Kick Your Own Butt

We all need to kick our own butt every so often. No one else can do it for us. We need a plan to move us from where we are to where we want to be.

Along Came a Spider

A very small animal teaches the author a valuable lesson. She learns how to trust her intuition. Learn to trust that voice. Listen to it. Talk to it. It will change your life. You too can change your life and reach your dream because if you have faith you can do anything! Just like the little spider did.

The Intuitive Squirrel: Sometimes Big Messages Come From Small Packages

Sometimes big messages come in very small packages. If you have faith, you can do anything.

Look Up at the World, Not Down at Your Feet

There is a spiritual principle out there that says what you put your attention to grows. If you dwell on the positive, positive will come back to you and will grow tenfold. However, if you dwell on the negative and see it all around you, then it will slam into your life like a runaway train. So if you are the type of person who tends to think negative all the time then I strongly suggest that you to learn how to duck because negative will start slamming into you fast.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Take the chance to start your business or to invest in an opportunity… or to not do it. Just take the chance. Life is about taking chances. You can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of! All you have to do is take the chance.

7 Step Goal Personal Planning Setting Success Formula

Do you work hard, do everything right and yet rarely have the results that you are looking for while others seem to breeze thorugh life effortlessly and have it all? You’re about to discover a simple 7 step formula that will allow to you enter the world of not limits!

Overcoming Procrastination – 7 Great Tips

Are you guilty of procrastination? I know I am. I think we all are from time to time so what I wanted to do is make a list for you of some great tips to avoid it� Enjoy!

Pursuing Your Dreams Tip #2: Testing Your Dream: Is It Right For You?

How do you know if your dream is right for you? This is a short but insightful quip with expert advice, personal story and suggestions. Testing Your Dreams is one in a series of 30 contemplative tips on Pursuing Your Dreams.

Write Your Vision-Make It Plain: 5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream

Want to make things happen in your life? Get your desired dream/goal out of your head and onto paper (Write Your Vision). Then, clarify the vision (Make It Plain) to create your action plan and manifest your desired result.

Are You Digging Your Own Grave?

Everybody gets in a rut from time to time and it can be a very frustrating situation, one that is sometimes very difficult to get out of. I like the definition of rut as being “a grave with the ends kicked out.” So I ask you, are you digging your own grave?

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