TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND (2022 New Year Motivational Speech)

How to Overcome Fear of Focus

When you have a lot of interests vying for your attention, the idea of choosing a focus can be scary. If you perceive it as meaning you have to limit your options, to relinquish all the rest of your interests in favor of a single one, choosing a focus can feel like a sacrifice, a narrowing of your world. Here’s how to finally decide.

How to Talk So People Will Listen

When you are around a group of people, do you hold back from saying anything because you’re afraid no one will listen? Or worse yet, are you afraid that someone else is going to interrupt and bump you right out of the conversation? Do you feel that if only you knew how to talk so people will listen, you wouldn’t feel like such a loner?

A New Way to Measure Success?

Goal-oriented motivation – deciding on a goal that then becomes the driving force for accomplishing it – is perhaps the world’s most frequently practiced form of motivation. But now, it seems, there’s a new twist on that old practice – plus a new idea of how success is defined. It’s called “mastery,” or so one author would have us believe.

What’s Meta-Learning?

You have brains sitting dormant, the key to improvement is meta-learning. What strategy do 98% of us apply when seeing a word that is Greek to us? Ignore it or try to dope it out. Meta-Learning has something to do with learning, but what exactly?

Getting What You Want

How to create and visualize the things that you want in your life…manifesting ideas into reality!

2007 Thoughts on Hypersonic Humans and Over Achievers in Society

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be good at everything they do? Have you ever asked yourself how someone like Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods or Wayne Gretsky can win so much? Have you ever looked at some people’s resumes and simply thought to yourself; My God, how do they do it? Well, you might be surprised that to know that you can join the ranks of the superstars or what we call Hypersonic Humans.

2007 Theories on Motivation, Goal Setting and Success Strategies

There are lots of people with seemingly boundless energy, yet as we study successful people we see some people who excel in their endeavors and even surpass everyone else’s expectations and shatter their own goals. All this while others wallow in self-pity and convince themselves that they will never make the grade and therefore they prove themselves right in a self-fulfilling prophesy. We often watch some folks with the equally high and endless energy never get anywhere in life and continually spin their wheels.

7 Ways to Develop Momentum and Get Things Done

One thing that I learned from bicycle racing (actually, I am not much of a bicycle racer but I do triathlons – biking needs work) is the power of momentum. In bicycle racing the way to do better and use less energy is to pedal very, very fast and powerfully to start with, give it 120% and once you are up to speed, you can simply maintain a good even cadence.

The 2006 International Queen of Procrastination

I have a friend (surprising, I know). To call her a bit of a procrastinator would be like calling Tiger Woods a bit of a golfer. In the world of procrastinators, she is a pioneer, an innovator. She’s the benchmark. She has a PhD in time-wasting.

Get Back Up And Ride Again

Starting an online business can be tough sometimes. If you are really serious about making a change in our life for the better, never give up on those dreams.

Self-Motivation: Make Your Life Over This Year

Chances are, if you were apathetic and unmotivated at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2006; then, that did not suddenly change at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2007. Sorry to break it to you but, the New Year has no intrinsic significance. It does not automatically guarantee you a brand new lease on life. Instead, ONLY YOU can ultimately determine what will change and what will remain the same. If you’re ready to give your life a make over in the new year, then start by reading this article.

Self Improvement: Why Failure is Not Your Enemy

Behavior modification is a temporary adjustment made in an attempt to solve a chronic problem in a moment. Real change, on the other hand, emanates from within. It is an outgrowth of a new paradigm or way of thinking. If you’re tired of being in the same old rut and you want to see real growth and productivity in your life, then you need to read this article.

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