That Thing Called Life | A Motivational Speech About Not Giving Up

Working The Middle

I often get the question, “How did you survive your time in prison? How did you deal with the six plus years of wanting to get back home?” What I discovered was one of the most important lessons for my life during that time. When I began to study the lives of peak performers, I discovered their success in whatever endeavor, was won or lost by what they decided to do in the MIDDLE – when nothing was happening but they were working their butts off!

What Did You Do With Your Time?

The clock is ticking, each moment of your time is precious. Every second of your time is valuable. If you had to record each moment of your day, how would you judge each moment. It could be said that you are the judge of your life, how would you evaluate the day which just ended. Was it a valuable day, if you looked back on your life, what would you say was your biggest achievement during the day. Did you feel that you achieved the things you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day?

Who Are You – Really

Who are you? And I’m not referring to your name, address or any other specific descriptors you might use like; position, race, religion, age, gender etc. What I’m asking is who are you when you peel away all of the facades, fears, desires, history, goals or status. I mean really – who are you? And not just your beliefs, values, opinions or expectations. I’m sure you are wondering by now – what’s left if you don’t include any or all of the above.

Emotions – Are They Working For Or Against You?

It’s an age old question – do your emotions drive your behavior or does your behavior follow your emotions? Ever thought about it? Rather than try and answer this question I am going to give you some ideas to consider and then you can make the decision for yourself.

No Nonsense Attitude Change

Most people know that their attitude affects their altitude as Zig Ziglar used to say. The problem is few do anything to change their thinking. In this short article, I will show you how you can change your life by changing your attitude.

Change Beliefs by Creating an Alternative Story

This entire pattern has a name: Story Making. The story we create may be true, or it is just as likely to be false. Regardless, we are captivated by our own story and act accordingly… for better or worse. Then we wonder why relationships and circumstances can go so far awry.

Powerful Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Has anyone ever wondered what it takes to become a millionaire? Or maybe not a millionaire, but they wondered what they can do to attract into their lives the happiness that they want, whether it be in relationships, money or whatever else they see as satisfying. Changing one’s life is consisted of only three things; having a desire, changing one’s mindset, and taking action on the desires and thoughts.

Do You Really Want It

Do you want more for you life? Do you wish that you can have all that you want and all that you need? Are you ready to get everything that you want? Well, this article will show just how to attract everything that you want and desire. Ready, set, go!

Take The Thirty Day Challenge

Let me ask you – if you were told today you had only 30 days to live – would you do anything different or would you just spend your last 30 days in the same routines, attitudes and life approaches that you have followed for the past several years? My guess is that your answer would be no – you would change something; -you would worry less -you would spend more time with loved ones -you would stop putting off some activity -you would re-connect with people from your past…

How to Live a Fearless Life

Fear is something that many people struggle with daily. They don’t know the secret as to how they can overcome the fear that is in their life. When you let fear control your life you are not only hurting yourself but other people around you. Learn how to control your fear and live a fearless life.

Attitudes – The Contributors

I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times – attitude is everything. I know I’ve said it thousands of times, but what exactly does this mean or better still what are the factors that contribute to our attitudes? The list is really long and complex, but I will cut to the basics hoping that if you feel you need an attitude adjustment or know someone that does, that this abbreviated version might be of some value. So what are the major contributors to attitudes? In no order of importance I believe they are; Experience – Experience can be a great teacher or it can cause our attitudes right or wrong, good or bad, to become further entrenched in our behavior causing us to just default to previous responses when dealing with totally new circumstances or people. If we don’t learn from our experience we can’t use it as an effective tool to improve or change for the better. Negative experiences have a significant impact on our attitudes and until we are willing and able to evaluate them maturely and accurately we are destined to continue to repeat similar behaviors in completely new and different situations.

Living Your Life, Running Your Race

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, we have our own lives to live. Nobody can live our lives for us; no one can run our race. Only we can know what race God is calling us to run, and how we are to run that race.

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