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Does Your BUT Keep You Stuck?

I’m looking to work with more people with big BUTS! You will often recognize someone with a BUT by listening to what they are saying about themselves. There can be a whole list of excuses & justifications one after the other, or they might simply drop their focus and give up the fight.

2 Simple Steps to Having More Money

Why is it that many people who want to make serious positive changes and improvements in their lives they do not make any noteworthy headway? Although there may be several reasons for this, I believe the main cause is their thinking; the thoughts they hold in their heads ever since childhood and the other ones they gained along the way to adulthood. You might want success, wealth and happiness.

How to Kick Start Your New Year With Brainwave Entrainment!

Brainwave entrainment for motivation has proved to be a popular choice at this time of year, when energy levels are flat following the build up to Christmas and New Year. Are you one of the many people who need a boost of energy and motivation? January is a month where energy levels fall flat, we’ve enjoyed the end of year festivities and now we’re back to the normal daily grind with nothing immediate to look forward to and the winter weather only makes us worse!

Self Improvement – A Matter of Life and Death

What would you like to do before you leave this life? Who would you like to be while on this earth? You have control of those things!

Man Overboard – Throw a Life Preserver With a GPS

Overwhelmed by life; making no headway; afloat in the deep waters. Life is hectic and sometimes we feel as though we are a man overboard and sinking fast.

What Are My Strengths? – You Might Be Throwing Your Talents and Skills Into the Trash

Many times we look at what is in our hands and it doesn’t seem like much to us. Sure, we have this talent and that skill, but so do many others and they seem to excel in them much more than we do. Be careful when these kind of thoughts cross your mind. You might be throwing away a piece of glass that in reality is a diamond in the rough. Motivate yourself by discovering 3 areas in which you might be struggling with your strengths.

What If the World Really is Going to End December 21, 2012?

Stick with me for a minute because this might be a life changing epiphany for you. I saw the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It” this past weekend. Good flick. It triggered some thinking about some really important stuff. And the preview for the new movie “2012? coming out in November triggered similar thinking. The Michael Jackson film was footage of him and his crew rehearsing for what was going to be a huge comeback tour.

Escaping the Ant Life

Ever feel like you are simply going nowhere? Like you are dying of monotony and that nothing exciting ever happens?

The Wrong Way to Think Motivational Thoughts

Most people are familiar with the concept of motivational thoughts, positive thoughts and affirmations. In many ways, we create our reality by the way in which we look at the world and the way in which we interpret it. This being the case, it makes sense to think motivational thoughts, rather than demotivating ones.

Waking Up in the Morning – A Love Story

When it comes to morning, you either love them or hate them. Starting your day at the right time is a powerful and under-appreciated productivity tool.

The Game is Over When You Choose to Win

10 tips that can and will end the game in your favor. It is each one of our birth rights to reach the pinnacle of our ability and blossom as the amazing creatures we all are.

The Power of Personal Determination

Who are you and what do you want? Do you know that there are many people who could not answer those two questions? Are you one of them?

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