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Procrastination – How Planning Can Help You Conquer

Benjamin Franklin, who knew how to conquer procrastination as well as anybody, stated that “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” How do you plan your work? And if you don’t plan,how do you know if you’re attaining your goals? It’s time to find out.

Giving Up on Playing an Instrument

Feeling like giving up your musical talent? Listen to my story!

An Internet Marketing Sponge – The Power of Positive Thinking!

Many people are vicious to their cry or offer help with an ulterior motive, while others offer genuine assistance. I am reminded of the sponge as I read. When life puts the squeeze on you (and it will), how would you like to be treated?

Staying Positive – Do You Radiate Positive Energy? Assess Yourself on a Radiance Scale

Do you radiate positive energy? Does it have an impact on others? Are you unsure about what qualities you may want to be radiating out to others?

Motivation Books Top Tip – ‘Stop Beating Yourself Up’

Let’s face it, change is hard. We’ve all arrived at where we are today because of years of conditioning and practice. Yet at the same time we tend to expect ourselves to change in one fell swoop and lack compassion for the time it actually takes to get there. We tend to beat ourselves up for not doing what we know we ‘should’ if we want the results we desire – irrespective of the fact that we are making some progress.

5 Steps to Get Out of Straggle

One of my Results Coaching clients was struggling to find a goal that was big and juicy enough to motivate her to wake up at 6.00am, look after 3 children, go to work, do the home duties and go to the gym, it really was challenging for her. The choices that she made were right, she could have it all, but she couldn’t find a goal to motivate her to do it all!

Vision Boards, Your Road Map to Success

Vision boards are a fun, interesting way to discover your true desires. Consider using yours as your road map to success.

Stay Motivated When Setbacks Occurs

Seeing everything that happens in your life as an opportunity does not change what happens to you, but it can give you a much better perspective on things. It’s a different way of looking at the same situation but with a more positive outlook and we all know that we can achieve a lot more in life when we are being an optimist and not a pessimist.

Enthusiasm – The Best Weapon Against Procrastination

Enthusiasm is what makes the difference between achieving our goals and giving up before we get started. Thomas Edison said, “If the only thing we leave our kids is the quality of enthusiasm, we’ll have given them an estate of countless value.” Edison’s research lab burned to the ground when he was 67.

Beyond Materialism

We all want money for different reasons. Perhaps there is a new watch, a new car, or a new house that you want. These are all great reasons to earn money for. Some people just want to get out of debt. This includes personal debt as well as mortgage.

Knowledge and Action is Power

Have you ever heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’? It is a some what correct statement, but I must argue that without action, this knowledge is absolutely worthless. You can have read hundreds of books, but if you do nothing with that information you now possess, it is absolutely worthless.

Procrastination – Don’t Put Off Reading This Article

Procrastination is a problem for so many people. There is a 2 step process that will help you combat procrastination.

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