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We All Get Knocked Down – Achievers Don’t Stay Down

Commit to approach every challenge, setback, roadblock or mistakes that you make, and see them as profound and powerful teachers, which will propel you to greater levels of, wisdom and knowledge. When you make this shift, it becomes possible to celebrate your mistakes and thereby, turn them into something positive. Mistakes and challenges are inevitable on any success journey, learning and growing as a result of them, is optional. Choose on-going learning and growth and your journey will not only culminate in success, but will be far more enjoyable too.

The Imbalance Between Producers and Consumers

Everyone today is capable of being both a producer and a consumer. However, there is a large portion of the population that engages in only one side of the spectrum, consumption. Find out what it means to be a producer and learn how to find the balance between consuming and producing.

Spiritual Thoughts

Spiritualism is not Religion: It does not divide, it unites; It advocates oneness of spirit with the universe; It involves knowing the ultimate truth; In such realization, one forgets the self and ego; One merges mind and body with the spirit… I would like to share with you, these and many other inspirational thoughts, to help you find your spiritual Self.

How To Create An Effective Vision Board

Vision boards are effective in keeping you focused on your intentions. Creating an effective board involves using your imagination and emotions. The stronger you feel about it, the more effective it gets.

Motivating Myself

While all of us want to excel in life and achieve the desired goals, motivating ourself and sustaining those motivation levels over a prolonged period is the biggest challenge that we face in our endeavour towards reaching our goals. While we need not to be an expert in psychology to motivate ourselves because all of us use various motivational techniques in our daily lives that we have learned through our experiences however it is advised to have a basic understanding of our motivational processes because it helps us to better organise our thoughts and mental processes. This article is all about how to motivate yourself..

4 Ways to Get Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

Do you have a challenge getting motivated to start or finish something? Here you will learn 4 ways to get you motivated and keep you there. You will learn the lifestyle and mindset you need to achieve your goals now and forever.

Optimizing Potentials Through Proper Motivation

Most people are unable to fully develop their potentials because they are unaware of them. Awareness of talents and passions will motivate individuals to fully develop their potentials and succeed.

Dispelling Some Common Myths About Motivation

Motivational impetus varies from one person to another but there are several concepts that try to encapsulate the various motivational drives. Unfortunately, many of these commonly accepted concepts will not stand up to careful scrutiny.

How to Stay Motivated All the Time?

Success sages say “Motivation is the Key to Success.” For ordinary people, motivation means having the purpose to accomplish your goals and succeed in life.

3 Secrets To Become Successful In Life

Do you want to be successful in life? Wishing for the stars is easy, but to be successful would mean more than making wishes. You have the power to change your life and where you’re headed. Take these 3 simple secrets and make them your own.

Keep On Going, Even And Especially When It Gets “Rough” Or “Easy”

Winning is doing, and it should not matter how rough or easy it is, as long as you go genuinely toward winning what you want. So, I will put it this way: Ease or roughness should not matter as long as it is not a waste of time.

Take Inventory of Your Life

Take a real good look at who you really are and see how much you actually have going for yourself. You are truly magnificent and are filled with possibility. Dare to pull the trigger on the future you want, keep chipping away every day, measure your progress regularly and success is inevitable. As you grow expand and become more, you will attract more and more success into your experience. Bringing meaning and fulfilment into your experience is simple; it just requires discipline and work.

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