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How To Motivate Yourself In Your Business, Your Job And Even Your Own Life?

Have you asked yourself this question – why other people could succeed and not you? What makes them so different as compared to you? You have tried what they have done but you don’t seem to have the endurance to go through?

Live and Learn: Avoiding and Overcoming Mistakes

Advice on how to acquire and maintain a high standard of living by avoiding the mistake of assuming previous habit determines future behavior. Leverage the environment via exercise and nutrition to help increase the likelihood of success.

Live For Today or Die for Tomorrow!

“I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be outworked. You may be more talented than me. You might be smarter than me. And you may be better looking than me. But if we get on a treadmill together you are going to get off first or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple. I’m not going to be outworked.” – Will Smith. First of all this quote is not implying that you should go kill yourself. PLEASE, I repeat PLEASE DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. The purpose of this blog is to tell you if you are not willing to die for your passion, or your dream then throw in the towel now. The quote above is a great example of what it takes to succeed.

Motivate Me for Success

The most appreciation comes to me in the night when most of the world is asleep. My motivation for success keeps me moving in directions that I once never seen before. My money is spent in places and in ways that others’ wouldn’t imagine spending in.

Your Motivation Reserves: Now Is the Time to Take a Dip

If you want to reach your goals, you have to take control. Stop waiting for things in your life to happen, and start putting the forces together that will help you realize your dreams. Learn how to get motivated, stay motivated and reach your goals now.

How To Get Motivated – My Personal Tricks

It is easy to feel unmotivated and easier to allow that feeling prevent us from accomplishing tasks in our everyday lives. In this article I discuss some of my personal tricks that I use to get tasks done when I don’t feel particularly motivated.

Four Tips to Decrease Procrastination

One of the most common reasons that people procrastinate is that they have too large of a workload, causing them to habitually put off tasks for a future date. If we do not have enough time to complete all of our work, we will put off less important tasks in order to attend to the fires that are constantly being thrown at us. This causes a backlog of work that usually manifests itself as a dozen unreturned phone calls and a full email box. Most of the tasks that we procrastinate over have a low priority and can usually be dealt with in three minutes or less. Below are four tips on how accomplish the tasks that seem to pile up.

Better Than New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us long for things to change in our life. It’s this longing that the new year brings into focus as we make our resolutions. The reality is that while we might long for change, we don’t actually want to change. Let me be clear what I mean when I speak of changing ourselves. I’m speaking of allowing our core, our essence, our fundamental beingness to increasingly take charge of the life we are leading.

Motivation Isn’t Enough: Make Positive Changes in Your Life by Knowing About the Behavior Model

Have you wondered why you can’t make changes, even though you’re motivated to do it? That’s because there are two other factors that must be in place. Dr. BJ Fogg from Stanford University has created the “Behavior Model” which you need to learn about before trying to make any changes in your life.

The Top Secret To Unlimited Source Of Motivation

Do you want to learn how you can tap into unlimited source of motivation? If your answer is a yes, this article will show you the secret. What you are going to discover here is the principle of how successful people are able to stay motivated all the time and how you can do the same. As long as you follow through this principle, you will be able to stay driven at all time.

Get Out and Get That Body

We all want to look good. That is a universal, psychological fact. In fact, it is a truth that runs on many societies nowadays, with reasons ranging from plain vanity to being able to attract that ideal mate.

Use These 3 Techniques To Motivate Yourself

Do you find that it is hard to come up with motivation to do the things that you supposed to do? One of the main reasons people fail to achieve great success in their lives is because they do not have the drive to do what it takes. They know that they need to take action to achieve their goals, but they procrastinate because they do not have the motivation.

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