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How to Develop the Self Confidence to Anything You Set Your Mind To

People are afraid of success. The chances are that you may be too. Think, why be afraid to move ahead, to be the person everybody wants to be. This is where self-talk comes in to play. Happy self-talk is a tool to motivate yourself. I call it, self motivation, talk to yourself to bring about better times. By motivating yourself, you will build higher self esteem and stronger self confidence within yourself. Way to go.

Intelligent Writing With a Controversial Title

Yes, men and women can in fact be “just friends” if they have SELF-CONTROL. Lack of SELF-CONTROL is the reason why men and woman take things past the friend’s zone.

Inadequate and Worthless

If we were honest with ourselves, we could say there are times when we feel inadequate and worthless. There are times when we feel we aren’t good enough to do something or be who we feel we need to be. We feel worthless at times because we fail or have struggles and we think no one else has to go through what we have to and no one else will understand.

You’re Not Who You Were

Have you ever looked back at your life and thought to yourself, ‘I’m not the same person now that I was back then.’? It’s quite common to think this way, and it highlights how much we can change and grow over time. What you may not realize is that you really aren’t the same person you were back then! For not only have you grown and changed, but as you’ve shifted your perceptions and ideas, so too has your actual experience of reality shifted as well. “When your ideas about yourself change, so does your experience.” (Jane Roberts) So even if you find yourself in the exact same situation now that you may have been in a long time ago, you won’t experience it in the same way – because your view of life has changed, and therefore so has your experience of life.

Living With Intention – What Does This Really Mean?

To live with intention is to depart from your comfort zone, that mindless, habitual state of unconsciousness that is more doing than being. Observe that the very act of envisioning and connecting with your intention has as much value as the action steps that will take you there. Affirmations illuminate value, rewire our confidence and project positive energy into our reality. When we set an intention for the day, it invites our Spiritual Warrior to show up and have a voice. Intention has some of the qualities of an agenda, but with a wider lens and a deeper vibration.

Think and Act Like Thomas The Tank

One of my favorite cartoons is a little English series about a Steam Train Called Thomas The Tank, so cute him and all of his friends are all great mates trying to help out each other whatever way they can. Thomas is only a small train but has a huge heart and will try so hard to take on any task no matter how big it is, so whats this got to do with the Comeback?

Communicate the Force Behind Your Goals

An essential part of life should be achieving one’s goals. There’s a reason most self-help sources encourage you to write your goals down. The process of writing out and plotting a course of action stimulates the brain. It’s important to note your exact feelings as you make your plan, remind yourself exactly why you are doing it. It’s fair to say that many may write down their goals, but they don’t necessarily communicate internally the importance of making those goals. One must ask questions such as why is making this goal important. How will it change my life?

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Life

Visualize the life you want and deserve to live. Harness what you see to help create the path to get from where you are to where you want to be. Use vision to see where you are going.

Is Ignorance the Key to Success?

I love the quote “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”. It’s so symbolic of life and business. Those who don’t know any better, the people that close their eyes, ears and mouth to negativity, are the ones that truly succeed in life.

A Dream Restored – A Veggie Tale

Phil Vischer, founder of Big Idea and the Veggie Tales, lost his company and his dream when he lost an $11 million lawsuit filed by Lyrick Studios. So, what does a man do when his dream is crushed? Vischer shared his story in Me, Myself and Bob.

In All Things

We are all guilty of not doing the right thing at certain times in our lives. As children, we may cheat on a test at school, take a little money from our mom’s purse without asking or lie about where we were so we wouldn’t get in trouble. However, as we grow older we learn doing the right thing is not only the right thing to do but it is what God requires us to do.

Living Your Life, Keeping Yourself Happy

Living your life the way you want it and keeping yourself happy both sound so far out of reach these days. Life always seems to be throwing something your way from your house cleaning to your pesky boss at the same old job you told yourself you would be out of three years ago. Not only do problems like this always hold us back but they are also the reasons why we are not as happy as we should be.

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