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You Got a Voice Problem – Should You Give Up Altogether or Should You Look for That Desirable Cure?

Naturally, since I am in the voice repair business, I have been getting a lot of calls and e-mails from people with various voice problems. Some of them had those problems for the longest time, (up to 30 years long)! Nevertheless, the long-time sufferers were pretty much adjusted to their adapted lifestyles, as they tried pretty much everything, nothing worked for them and they learned how to live with it. Can you blame them?

The Secrets Of Motivation

One of the most important functions of management is employee motivation. Therein lies the secret to developing a productive workforce. Each team member must be enabled to be the best they can be, to be as productive as possible. The success or failure of an organization can hinge on the motivation of its employees. There have been many studies, and many books written on this subject.

The Wave Effect In Relationships

No one lives in a bubble. There’s an old staying that says “What happens behind closed doors in relationships stays behind closed doors.” Well, I beg to differ. Let me explain. We all have a variety of relationships; children, spouses, friends, in laws, co workers and a variety of other acquaintances. When we have conflicts in any of these, the impact of them is felt directly or indirectly in other relationships – some selective and some universal.

Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators! Get Motivated to Succeed!

If other people did not feel intimidated by you or threatened by what you were doing, then they would not care to say anything to you. The fact that they want to hate and tear you down, only means you are doing you are doing something that causes for their attention. This article focuses on allowing those who hate you to motivate you and to never give up but keep going.

What’s the Best Way to Motivate Yourself?

You get hungry a few hours after every meal. You feel down a while after every high! There’s not anything wrong with you. You just need to learn how to feed yourself!

Time for Healing, Self-Renewing And Strengthening

Taking charge of your life and rechanneling your energy into a new lifestyle won’t be an easy transition. Don’t rush yourself. Be patient. Take your time to create your new life. Yes, you are going to feel uncomfortable, you are going to have anxiety, you will be tempted to go back to the old you, but you remember how unhappy you were so you won’t go back there. Your entire self will feel like it’s healing from massive burns all over your body. Right now you need to put antiseptic on the raw skin and wrap up in bandages. You are now going internally to heal. Remember, you are the only one who can know when you need to take a break from the outside world in order…

Baby Steps – The Secret To Sustained Success

One of my favorite movies is – What About Bob – if you have seen it you know probably know where I am going with this article – I will relate one its basic messages to the art of maintaining life success – if you haven’t seen it it’s worth a couple hours of your time. OK, back to the premise – the secret to success is baby steps.

2014: Improved Year Resolutions for Lasting Changes

It is January and a brand new year has begun. This is a time that often prompts reflection and for many an annual rite of passage known as New Year’s resolutions begins. What happens to those resolutions in approximately 8 to 10 weeks? They often start to fade and when they are no longer prominent in our thoughts it is easy to go back to our usual routines and old habits. The challenge for New Year’s resolutions is that this is a deficit-based approach. These are “new” plans and any prior or old strategies are discounted. That creates a problem because you are immediately held to the responsibility of finding a solution for something “new” and experiencing results that are immediately visible.

Exciting New Development – The Value Zodiac Explains a Lot

In the past several weeks, there has been some exciting development of the Value Zodiac. The Value Zodiac was initially developed in spring of this year. At the time, the model was divided into four quadrants in part to give the model of visual appeal, but there was some suspicion that the quadrants could be more significant.

What Will You Do Differently?

The beginning of a New Year heralds the arrival of resolutions as a way of starting afresh with a clean canvas. The errors of the previous year are erased and forgotten, as we start anew with honourable intentions to adopt a new habit for the coming year.

The Benefits of Quiet Time

We live in a stressful and rapidly changing world, one we do our best to keep up with, but with the increasing pace of technology, continued future uncertainty and an exploding global marketplace it is critical that we find time to de-stress, relax and just slow our pace down. If we fail to achieve the ability to step back away from the chaos from time to time we will only add greater stress to our life with increased negative physical and often mental consequences.

Finding Courage Through Adversity

There comes a point in a person’s life when one experiences the most challenging of times, offset by the inability to rise above it. It might be an agonising life lesson such as the death of a loved one or the dissolution of a romantic relationship. Whatever the situation, it feels too close to home and strikes at the very essence of our human nature. Such experiences test our resolve to withstand the torrents of life.

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