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Thought is the Cause of it ALL

Philosophers and doctors of law have taught us ever since the days of old that what we think will manifest itself into physical existence. The law of karma is defined basically as: What we reap, we sow. This also is the law of cause and effect, which is that what goes around comes back around again.

5 Top Tips to Increase Study Motivation

Have a big test coming up but just not motivated to study? It doesn’t matter if you are currently a student still in school or an adult picking up new knowledge, everyone of us have experienced a lack of motivation to study. Fortunately, with will power, determination and some simple tips & techniques, anyone can have study motivation.

Take the Risk, It May Payoff Big For You!

Are you afraid of taking risks, afraid you may lose something valuable? What if by not taking any risks, you still lose what you have? That is a very real possibility, believe it or not. That job you’re afraid to take in another city, may not be there when you get laid off next month…besides, you may like it better than what you have! Weigh the benefits, and if it makes sense, go for it!

What They Did Not Teach You in School – Long Life Learning Tips

These pages contain time-tested principles that will ignite the spark within you and transform the way you live life, the way you look at life, the way you respond to challenges and problems as well as how you respond to events and circumstances in life. Be prepared to enter into a new dimension, a new plane of your life, and learn powerful ways about values and principles that will open doors to new possibilities. This report will assist you in making your dreams come true while shedding light on entirely new way of looking at and understanding the true nature about life. If you read and apply the principles laid out in these pages, your life will undergo an amazing transformation through the substance and content of this special report.

Five Success Quotes For Instant Motivation

This article is about five success quotes that will give you an instant boost of motivation and willpower. Read this article to become more action-oriented!

Motivation – What Works For You?

Your motivation must be well defined, available immediately for review and mental action, so as not to be tripped up by missteps. Each task we accomplish does not necessarily reduce the horizon behind us. These motivational images however can provide education for later steps. To learn and understand the process increases our future success.

Whatever You Can Conceive and Believe – You Can Achieve!

If you can imagine something, and you can believe in it, you can achieve it. Finding examples that prove – in some fashion – the veracity of the statement in the title of this article is not hard. It is much harder finding within ourselves the psychological and emotional resources and wherewithal, not to mention the spiritual ones, that lead us to such a place where we can, in fact, bring such thinking into our own lives.

Your Wealth is in Danger

Nope. It’s not politicians. Or taxes. It’s not your environment, your family, or your job.

I’m Laid Off, It’s Snowing and I Don’t Know How I Will Pay My Rent

Sometimes life throws you a curve, and it’s times like that when you have to dig deep inside and get tough. You know you cannot give up and there is no easy way out. Not long ago a friend from a very cold state told me he had lost his job, worse he was getting depressed because the weather was cold and snowy. Further, he had no idea how on earth he was going to pay his rent on time.

Geared to Struggle

I am aware that every time I use a wisdom construct from a tradition not overtly Christian or Jewish there are potentially people I know who could castigate me for it. So it’s important to place a disclaimer on this advice, because the source is not Christian; but it is, I believe, entirely biblical.

Deep and Meaningful Quotes – How 3 Motivational Quotes Can Greatly Improve Your Life

Deep and meaningful quotes are very important in relation with our lives. These may just be mere words, yet they are created to inspire us to live our lives with significance and worth. Deep and meaningful quotes motivate us to outshine the trials and challenges that may hinder us from attaining success.

What Motivates You Or What Will Motivate You to Get Your Results?

So what motivates you? If you are on the edge of starting a fitness and weight-loss program then you need to ask yourself a few questions. Why do I want a trainer, dietitian, or coach to get me on track? Am I SELF motivated? The answers to these questions are very important and essential to the bottom line; being your success.

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