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Do Not Give Up

I believe that your dreams are planted deep within your heart by Life itself. They are seeds to be fulfilled by you in this lifetime. Yet often in the pursuit of a goal or dream, we first hear the call. And we go for it. But along the journey we face roadblocks. In these moments of crisis, thing can sometimes seem pretty dark. We lose hope. we might wonder if our dream will ever happen. We may consider abandoning our dreams altogether.

Miracles Now

For me, what is more of a shock is how in our modern world, we have lost touch with the capacity to believe, to suspend logic, and rationality. That so called miracles have become rare, or considered so special, only for the reserved few. Something that is only available to the saints, mystics, great rabbi’s, or yogi’s in the Himalayas. In our pursuit of answers we have often lost touch with the ‘mystery’, to the point where we have become confined to the limitations of the mind, when what we really ARE is so much bigger. We are so much more than the mere 3D that we see with our eyes.

Why Motivation Is Crucial to Being Successful

Motivation is a benchmark of progress towards the achievement of success. Without the readiness to act based on the knowledge you might have acquired, there is yet no room for the advancement of success. Motivation clears your thinking, increases your creativity. A motivated person is more productive than an unmotivated person

That’s Too Difficult – Overcoming New Challenges

Imagine if I ask you to build your home with only your mouth! No arms, no hands, and no help either… just you and your mouth. How insane right?

Opening the Perceptive Doors to Decision Making

In this article I examine some interesting strategies to enhance your current decision making processes. One of these is the 4 Cartesian Questions that broadens the perception of possible outcomes; another breaks down and assesses how we perform in the various elements of taking a decision and acting upon it. Finally I look at how to arrive at the outcomes of a variety of choices by making a metaphorical comparison with a horse race from starting gate to finishing line.

Your Thinking Affects Your Finances, and Your Life

The principal factor effecting your overall financial success–or failure–is the type of thinking that dominates your mind. When your thoughts become more proactively positive and less reactively negative you will achieve greater success, more effectively overcome adversity, and increase your satisfaction from your career and life.

Are You ‘Toward’ Motivated or ‘Away From’ Motivated?

The headline says it all, doesn’t it? Just by reading it, you’ve probably already concluded what it’s all about and maybe, just maybe, which one is your most dominate, yes? Let me explain.

Strategies on How to Motivate Yourself and Others: Secrets Revealed

Beginning of a series of articles in the subject of motivation. Finally, everything is on the table. Will discuss, in a short and concise method, some pointers on how to motivate yourself and others in the workplace. These articles will help you deal with different personalities and adapt yourself as a leader and manager for your staff…

The Importance of Self Motivating to Success

The best motivation is self motivation. This article gives you reasons for motivating your self.

Having a Productive Day

Did you ever have one of those days that found you working hard, getting a lot done and by the end realized you really did not? This could be one of those days.

How To Be Motivated Everyday

Getting motivated and staying motivated is a problem for almost everyone. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight. Maybe you’re in sales. Maybe you just want to save money. The truth is we’ve got too many distractions. Our brains are working overtime – all the time. Here are a few simple tips that may help you get motivated and stay motivated.

Is Your Passion Your Life?

Hopefully we all can find a passion which will drive us through life. Motivation is something we all need and if we have a passion for something then it is much easier. What constitutes a passion?

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