The Elon Musk Story | Traumatic Childhood, Teenage Years, and Early Success!

Overcoming Procrastination – Can Self-Improvement Books Really Help?

How many times have you come across a so-called ‘Best Selling’ book on self-improvement with rave reviews from satisfied customers on it’s “life changing” content? I have always been quite pessimistic when it comes to these types of books. I have a read a few – some good and some not-so-good; and while I would say that there is definitely some usefulness in investing in the odd self-improvement book I would say that it is important to be completely honest with yourself and question the true value that you will get out of it.

Are You Letting the Dumbest 5% Run Your Life? Looking For Cheeto Eaters

How can the slip of one finger set off some people with such anger and stupidity? So here I am wanting some people to participate in a poll on our website about whether or not a web seminar would be something they are interested in. The response I got for one mistake in that email would send most people into a phobic cave that they would never return from.

Enthusiasm – How Do I Develop It?

If I may ask you: How much do you enjoy living your life? How enthusiastic are you about waking up each morning to see a new day. When you are enthusiastic, you are positive and that makes you stay motivated and happy no matter the circumstance that comes your way.

Steps to Become a Millionaire – Step 2 – Set Your Focus

Do you find yourself rushing through the day, jumping from one task to another, pulled in every direction, without ever really accomplishing anything? You need to stop the insanity. In this article you will discover why focus is so important to your steps to become a millionaire, and how you can accomplish and maintain your focus, day by day and through the years.

Why Should I Take Action With Conviction?

Successful entrepreneurs know that acting with the certainty that their vision is manifesting itself is a key to creating a profitable online business. Andrea Scott, home based business expert, clarifies the importance of holding a firm conviction that your business is successful. She reveals how maintaining your vision can lead to direction on the right action to take to create a lucrative online business.

How Do You Avoid Procrastination?

There is no doubt that the economic turmoil in the country today affects many people with depression and procrastination. This means that many people are going to be looking for “how do you avoid procrastination tips and techniques.”

How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

Set your goal. Achieve your goals by staying motivated to your tasks.

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Stop You

Do you realize that the things that you think about the most always seem to come to you? Isn’t that strange, and what’s more strange is that we always seem to remember the bad or negative things. Saying things like, I knew that was going to happen, and didn’t I say that was going to happen. Just think about it for a moment.

Is it Important to Identify What Your Beliefs Are?

Does it matter what you believe? Or put in another way, does it matter what your beliefs are in your financial area, or your relationships? Or what your health beliefs are?

Why Money is Hard to Get

Have you ever stopped to wonder what beliefs you may have? Those beliefs that are responsible for running your life, on automatic, irrespective of whether they are limiting or enhancing beliefs?

What is It About Success?

Why are some people good at it; they succeed at everything, whilst others always fail. Why is that?

Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

I love being motivated, and I love motivating others. Motivation puts a smile on my face. What motivates me? Well, I have my own self starters and here are five that get me going…

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