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The Moment – That’s All There Is

I’m a great believer in living in the now. Being present. In the moment. And if you think about the future, where many of us live, what is the future? Actually, the future is nothing more and nothing less than billions and billions of NOWs.

Are You Lost?

Do you feel lost and unmotivated? Why do we lose our way and never achieve our goals and dreams?

The Hidden Beauty Of Simplicity

In todays’ world, Simplicity is one word most people may not want to hear or latch on to; maybe they feel that simplicity is downgrading and not good enough to be mentioned among one’s personality. Proper as it may sound, simplicity does not in anyway denote weakness, static, inferiority complex (IC) or poor as the case may be, rather Simplicity indicates beauty, purity or clarity, freedom from hardship, effort or confusion. By neglecting simplicity, most people have stabbed themselves all over with much pain and injurious things; severe as the case may be, many have paid with their precious lives for neglecting simplicity.

Success Principle – Turning a Deaf Ear to Nay Sayers

In life, we often encounter nay sayers and doubters. They might not believe in your dream or your ability. Oftentimes, they tell you it can’t be done, based on their own fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Regardless of their intention, the problem is, if you buy into what they say, you might give up your goals and dreams altogether.

Ten Reasons to Help the Homeless

Helping the homeless is not as hard as one might think. How can you help the homeless?

How to Be Remembered

I often find myself wondering whats going to happen next, what does God have for me today kind of questions. As I stare out my office window I can’t help thinking about the next twenty years and what I would like them to look like when I’m 70 something. How do you want to be remembered?

Five Simple Ways to Stop Procrastination

Many of us like to put thing off till the last minute. There are many reasons why people procrastinate. Lack of desire, lack of motivation, fear of failure, lack of self-esteem or confidence, overwhelmed with too many unproductive activities or just simply plain lazy.

How Essential a Factor is Self Motivation?

Motivation is an essential factor that we all need when we want to achieve success in anything we want to do and have some success in, lack of motivation will hinder you from getting to where you aspire to be in life. Finding motivation can be difficult but you should always remember that it’s not impossible in fact its easier than you may think. There are a number of ways to find motivation out there just waiting for you.

The Two Worst Words in the English Language

Do you know the two worst words in the English language? No, they are not naughty words.

Motivation Versus Satisfaction

Motivation and Satisfaction plays an important role in management. So how do you motivate a person?

Low Self Esteem or is it Really Little or No Motivation – Is There a Difference?

Where has your motivation gone, and why would it go anywhere? Little or no motivation can also mean very low esteem, is there a connection?

Obstacles Are Stepping Stones to Success – NOT Milestones!

Have you ever let obstacles come between you and your fortune, or even your happiness? See how this ordinary couple, and even celebrities such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, used their minds to overcome what could normally have seemed to be insurmountable.

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