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Life Is A Par Four

The game of golf represents the game of life. Each day, or hole, is filled with hope and second chances.

Winning is Freedom

Those who win consistently can exert their will on their environment. If you pay close attention, you will see winners shaping their destiny, living free, every day.

The Price of Success.

Attention brats: the world owes you nothing. Neither does anybody else. You owe you something. You owe it to you and your family to take your head out of your butt and wake up to yourself. Stop being a pain in the arse. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop making excuses. Stop making life hard.

Adult ADD-What Do You Need-Specifically?

What we’re going to be doing is really going over the streamlining process, how to plug it all in and move forward as quickly as humanly possible, which suits the ADD personality very well.

Applause – A Motivation

A little sound of applause makes a magical difference then a thousand rupee note.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

Two-minute exercise to increasing your IQ up to 34%

A Word of A Thousand Meanings

Words are the means we have to communicate. However, without using them meaningfully, we risk the change of their going in a direction we never intended.

Motivational Tapes and Why You Should Listen

Even though I was already accomplished in school, sports and business, at 17 I started listening to motivational tapes until about age 28. I think I had listened to every one of the Motivational Tapes from the Nightengale-Conant Catalog and all the famous motivator names. I had subscribed to the tape series of the month, I had two-subscriptions, so I had enough to listen too, as they had a plan you could pick in advance which ones they sent to you. I would play them through and over again many times.

Work Motivation

This article provides information on how to stay motivated and how to spend better time at work. Focusing on positive things, thinking what do you like about your work and you will be more motivated.

The Jolt

Sometimes – we need a jolt. Just a quick share. I was recently lucky, humbled and inspired enough to work with two severely disabled nine year old children – and their families.

Please Go Motivate Yourself

In two minutes you can motivate yourself to win the prize. Ever notice how quickly you stop listening, get bored and think random thoughts (Bloomingdale, partying or vacationing) when the conversation turns and does not directly connect to your interests?

Dreams Cost Money!

If you are so busy “keeping up with the Jones”, it’s highly likely that your authentic life is hidden from view. Your daydreams and visions for a great life unfortunately become reduced to pipedreams.

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