The Journey ( Master Shi Heng Yi ) Animated Short

Words Have Power

How many times have you heard or read that words have power? Maybe it was in the context of working ‘magic’ or ‘positive affirmations’ or visualization techniques and you just dismissed it as more of that ‘psychic hooha’. Well, in my humble opinion, if you dismissed it, then you’re closing your mind to an important truth.

Why Bother About Your Life?

Is it worth the hassle to go the extra mile to create the life you want?

Creativity and Innovation Management – Motivation

Motivation in creativity and innovation is more important than personality traits. This is like possessing high intelligence – one must be motivated to improve and apply it.

Procrastination Strategies: Boost Your Productivity by Getting On With It

We all suffer from procrastination from time to time but rather than fight it, think of procrastination as a gift. This gift allows you to get clarity on what is important to you and what you should work on next. Change your thinking when it comes to procrastination.

Get Negativity Out Of Your Life!

They say that the way to have a positive attitude and a positive life is to surround yourself only with positive things and positive people. What do you do then, when the negative influence in your life comes from your friend, maybe your best friend, or even worse, your spouse?

Whatever Happened to You?

Whatever happened to all the dreams, wants, desires, hopes, passion.


How can we develop more courage in our lives to become unstoppable? This special excerpt from the inspirational bestseller, “The Hero Soul,” by Sharif Khan, takes a closer look at ‘courage.’

Personal Safety: How To Avoid Accidents And Live A Safe, Longer & Happy Life

Have you ever had an accident? Do you value your personal safety and that of your family? Most accidents may not be just accidents. Some accidents may be caused by our personal lifestyle, carelessness, wrong reasoning, faulty decisions, bad habits, wrong actions of conscious and as well as unconscious origin. Here are some personal safety insights to help you prevent accidents and live a longer, safe and happy life.

Three Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Today!

Just do three things daily to achieve your goals faster!

Keep the Channel Open

Why do you do what you do? What is your real work in the world, and why is it important to know the answer?

Finding the Easy Way

The easy way is already known to you. Looking for the easy way takes you around in circles. Your are born with natural talents and intuition that guides you to the easy way. Life was never meant to be a struggle, you have chosen to find the easy way by finding the hard way first.

Work, Action, Movement -You Cannot Get Anywhere Without It

This article focuses on the key idea of not waiting too long before taking action. Just talking about doing something is very boring. Doing it, however, is exciting. Things can always be improved later on. Several examples are included.

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