The Lost 1984 Video: Young Steve Jobs Introduces the Macintosh

Are You Okay With Status Quo?

If we are willing to settle and live our lives in the current conditions, any dreams we’ve been holding onto will be lost. With the loss of our desire to become more, we will find it impossible to excel and move forward.

Motivation Advice – 5 Steps For Maintaining Motivation

Maintaining motivation requires a plan. It doesn’t just happen. This article gives you 5 steps that will help you to maintain motivation.

You, Fear and Motivation

Motivation can often be stunted by fear. Discover what you need to know about fear to keep you motivation.

No Excuses Please!

Do you want to lead a better lifestyle and change the way you think. I’m guessing most of you will say yes!

What Do You Expect?

I realized the power of these four magic words like never before. They seemed to diffuse the anger, put things in perspective, and even reduce the temperature a little bit!

Unleash Your Desires – From Here to Reality

Everyone is born with desire. Desire is the impulse of life and a spiritual gift that lives in your heart. Are you ready to unleash your deepest desires? The time is now. This article tells you how.

Staying Motivated in the Heat

In the UK today we have high humidity and heat. Everyone seems to have gotten slower and I have a busy day ahead. Its hard to get motivated when all I fancy doing is opening the freezer door and standing there. Here are my top tips for working in the heat and they have made such a difference to my day.

How to Overcome Procrastination

Many times people don’t realize the effects that procrastination has on the mind and body. I have found myself many times in the past stressed and could not figure out why.

Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Fat?

I realize that you have never heard or said that phrase, EVER! (OK guys, stop rolling your eyes. There is no right answer, I know.)

Discover the Art of Motivation

Motivation is something that we need everyday. There will be times when we are demoralized and not willing to do tasks that are truly important. In this article, tips are provided to teach you how to motivate yourself.

Stop Procrastination and Start Doing

Time after time, I am on different internet forums, and I end up communicating with people who want to start a blog or website and are, “going to get started soon”, “are thinking about it”, or “still going over my options”, and so on. While a bit of planning and research will serve you well when starting any project, oftentimes, months later, these same people are “still thinking about it”.

It’s Good to Be Selfish Sometimes

It is good to be selfish sometimes because it is an overall good and understandable goal to look out for one’s self. It’s also a good thing to be self dependent, and proud of the achievements that you have accomplished.

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