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Motivation Keys – 3 Steps to Higher Motivation

In order to get higher motivation you need take certain steps. This article shows you how.

Motivation Keys – What Happens When You RefuseTo Motivate Yourself

You lose when you refuse to motivate yourself. This article details the ways in which you cheat yourself.

Study Tips – Taking Charge of Your Studies

It is not surprising that many students are letting other people take charge of their own studies. When I ask students what they study for, many of them will answer, “I study to make my parents happy” or “I have no choice!” Successful students are students who take charge of their own studies. Not their parents, not their teachers and not even the Study Grandmaster. That is why they are all highly-motivated individuals who excel in their studies. Here are 8 tips to help me take charge of your studies.

Motivation Key – Don’t Let These 3 Pitfalls Drain Your Motivation Levels

There are certain controllable situations and circumstances that can drain your motivation if you are not mindful. This article points out those pitfalls and shows you how to avoid them.

Motivation Keys – 5 Days to Increased Inspiration

Want to learn how to increase your motivation within 5 days. Read this article to find out how.

Gratitude and Pain – How They Both Changed My Life

In the early part of 2007, my whole world changed. My partner left the company, my young nephew was killed in a boating accident and his mother, my little sister, died a few months later from cancer. At the same time, my husband suffered from depression and was unable to keep the business afloat during my out of state trips to help the relatives. Just when I thought things were about to turn around…

Born Free

We would all like to think that we are born free. But in this life we have to make things happen for ourselves to be truly born free.

How to Stay Motivated During Hard Times

Your thoughts are so powerful that they produce the driving force behind your actions. Your personal motivation starts with a thought. What your mind will perceive, it will conceive. Yet, it is more powerful than any computer ever created. Your goal should always be to live a stress-free life full of creative and positive outcomes. This article presents a practical method of programming for happiness and success. Now is the time to tune-up your mental compass. Do you dare to move forward with confidence?

Motivation Tips – Don’t Let Procrastination Postpone Your Rendezvous With Success

Procrastination can rob you of your initiative and drive. When you develop a habit of putting things off you weaken your ability to take advantage of opportunities. You become passive. Your life becomes one big waiting game. This doesn’t have to continue. You can break the habit of putting things off. Here are three tips for eliminating procrastination:

Self Improvement – Motivation – 3 Tips For Getting Motivated and Why It’s Important to Your Success

It is a fact that motivation is perhaps one of the most important factors in achieving success in your life. Here are 3 key tips to help you stay motivated…

Discover Your Purpose – 3 Exercises to Unleash Continual Motivation

Do you know your purpose in life or is it elusive, just beyond your grasp? Do you wish someone would come along and validate the gifts that are within you to unearth your purpose? When you read on you will find your answer. As you apply the following 3 exercises you will find your purpose and you will also experience the motivation that being sure of your purpose brings into your life.

Goals That Move You Toward Action

Let’s start with what is most important — your intense desire to succeed at fat loss. Yes, you’ve got to have the drive if you want to go somewhere, but you also got to have a destination, an arrival, a goal, a target. So let’s talk about Goal, Plan and Mission Setting, GPM for short. Your goal is your target: “to be at this weight or, fit in this dress or swimsuit.” Your plan is what it is you act on, your intentions, what do you have as your action.

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