The Power of Visualization | How to MANIFEST Anything You WANT in Life!

Motivation – Law of Contribution, Part 1

Many people have herd of the Law of Attraction and its famous debut in the movie The Secret. But what is really interesting is how people can sustain the motivation required to habitually practice the techniques discussed in The Secret. There are many laws in the universe, specific strategies that when implemented can manifest the result you desire in your life. But the fundamental law that can significantly impact you life the most is the Law of Contribution. People often wonder what is it, which sustains and replenishes motivation. What differentiates one person to another in terms of persistence?

Why We All Are Killers

Do you know that you are a Killer? what?-you say! i will tell you why and help you stop killing.

The Worst

I’ve always been searching for an answer, wondering what to do next. Take your heart and try understand that the answers I found where never questions at all.

How to Be Motivated By Using Law of Attraction

If you want to be motivated, you need to start within your mind. In this article, the five simple steps to set your mind to be motivated using the law of attraction are revealed.

A Practical Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

If you’ve been ‘about’ to change your life (or part of it) for years, here are twelve practical tips for overcoming procrastination and getting the job done.

Top Keynote Speakers and Event Speakers

Choose a speaker that can command your audience properly and can maintain their attention long enough to get their message out. Five of the most effective keynote speakers today are Keith Harrell, Vince Poscente, Joseph Michelli, Ram Charan and Michael Treacy.

Inaction Is The Greatest Risk Of All – Stop Thinking! Start Acting! Watch How Much You Accomplish!

So many people fear so many things and it’s funny because the very thing we fear might be the thing we need to do the most. Our excuses of fear of success, fear of failure and fear to live basically has a root of procrastination. Ironically, the biggest risk in life is to not act.

Sitting In the Park – A Passion Relived

Sitting in the Park, fulfills my hopes my dreams, I feel a sense of longing to the natural essence of it, so peaceful and serene, God’s hands so fervently covers the universe I feel Him in the air, in the people that pass by, so lovely the thought of it all, right now.

How to Be Nobody’s Victim

It is very easy to fall a victim of a mean enemy parading as a friend. Nobody knows where God is taking you, even if they can read your star. And God does not respect anyone’s age, education, financial clout or social status. He will not take permission from anyone in order to elevate you. Remind yourself always that you are a Work-in-Progress, fitting into God’s complete Master plan.

Recognize Inner Roadblocks to Success (And How to Fix Them)

Think for a second about those inner voices, pictures or feelings that cause you to do what you have, maybe even forcefully decided NOT to do. For example, think of a time when you absolutely positively decided to make a positive change in your life, like maybe you decided to stop smoking or go on a diet or finally start that exercise program only to NOT do it ultimately. So what happened? What happened between the time of decision and the time of doing?

How to Motivate Your Team

STOP! Right there! That’s where we have it backwards!

Here Is What Thinking Outside The Box Can Do For You

I mean really, most of us know that we don’t know everything. We realize all of the things that we know we don’t know.

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