THE PROCESS – Powerful Motivational Speech

Putting Off Procrastination

What do you think procrastination is costing you? What great ideas have you not acted on? What dreams are languishing in your heart?

Change Your Life in 10 Easy Steps

Need to change your life? We’ll show you in 10 easy steps.

Using Your Mind Powers Can Be Motivational

Looking for a reason to enhance your mind powers? Read more about improving your mind powers for motivation here…

Who Are The People That Hire A Motivational Speaker

If ever major companies or coaches find and observe their employees, co-workers, or even fellow athletes reach a slump in their duties, then they need to motivate them so they can recharge their mental energies and become more efficient in what they do. The best move is to hire a motivational speaker to reach out to those individuals to motivate and inspire them to perform better. Listed below the different kinds of clients motivational speakers have.

The 5 Key Elements for Delivering on Your Dreams

A lot of us have dreams. Some are more palpable than others. Some are more likely to happen, but that all depends on you.

Ryan Hall Ready to Set a New Record in the Chicago Marathon

What was once impossible is now possible. History has shown that to be true over and over again. The imagination sparks new ideas.

Something to Be Wisely Selfish About

There’s a wisdom known, to some, but to others it’s seen as selfishness; yet it’s not anything of the kind. Selfishness, almost by definition, must involve some relational impact; the devaluing of another person or people for one’s own gain. This wisdom that’s in focus is nothing about others. It’s a ‘selfishness’ that values our personal health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How To Get Motivated

If you have ever found it hard to get, or stay, on track, it could be that you just were not motivated in the first place. And a lack of motivation leads to poor productivity. This is because without a keen interest or drive to do whatever you are doing, it is hard to keep doing it.

Motivation Tips – Help, Self-Improvement, Comfort Zone

Motivation is important in order to keep us focused on where we’re going and what we want out of life. And in order to be motivated we need a list of goals that we want to achieve. The list should have short-term goals and long-term goals and should be divided into personal and professional goals.

A Better Day

We all can look back on yesterday or the day before and find things we wished we would have done or not done. We can think about things we should have said or not said. We can decide if we had a productive day or not. We can review the day and see if we accomplished things in our life and if we were on track for what God wanted us to do.

Maintaining the Zeal in Learning

Knowing the basics of something is completely different from maintaining it. The same holds true with getting organized to learn. The possibility that the process could be long term makes people uncertain about being able to carry on until the end. The decision to get organized and to stay that way goes beyond putting things to where they should be. It requires the element of effort and motivation.

How to Motivate Yourself by Pre-Exposing a Positive Outcome

This motivation article will teach you how to exploit the feeling of reward you get from completing tasks, by feeding it back into the cycle of pro-activism. This week I have been practising an idea, that involves pre-exposing your outcomes to boost your momentum, energy and of course, happiness.

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