The Secret of Becoming MENTALLY STRONG || Best Motivational Speeches Compilation

An Opening

“I want all of my senses to be engaged in this life.” Dr. Maya Angelou. The first time I read this quotation I froze. Dr. Angelou’s words made me realize how often I was unnecessarily exposing myself to an unhealthy environment and unhealthy relationships. I was not experiencing fulfillment in life the way I thought I should. I felt like all of the effervescence I enjoyed during my earlier years had been slowly drained from me. My peers taught me that by pulling and tugging and taking, one could achieve success. The vast presence of that ill-conceived notion crowded my space, crippled my thoughts and led to my feelings of lifelessness. As a result of the internal conflict and confusion, I had to examine my self and determine my new path in life.

Most Would Agree And Say; That’s A Shame – Wouldn’t You?

How should the ‘real’ YOU determine,what you should do in life? What do YOU really want in life? Or, what do YOU want out of life? The one’s that don’t understand the difference are what some would refer to as losers in the ‘game of life’. Most would agree and say; “that’s a shame”, wouldn’t you?

Short Sleeves Insights-My True Truth!

“Truth is ultimately communicated through an intangible, inaudible, indescribable experience of the interaction of mind with mind. For mind can be known only by mind.” Henry Chadwick…

Hey World – Is that All You Got – You Can’t Beat Me!

The only way to succeed in life is to never give up. Of course when you are in the heat of the battle this is hard to do but easy to say. The truth of the matter is that no matter what you do in life there is no easy way. After beating the odds, battling the competition and climbing the sand hill where every two steps you take forward you slide one step back there as something I have come to realize. And that is its strength of character along with perseverance that is the real key to success.

Do You Feel Like the Absolute Biggest Loser?

Life sucks. Everything sucks. It’s been that way since you were giving lunch money to the bully. But you’re all grown up now and want to take your life back. Here’s the secret!

Legend of the Prospectors Goal

Three men race for the treasure – Who they are and the choices they make along the way lead them in very different directions.

Say This, Get Fired

Never ever say this five things to your boss or else you will be in trouble. Saying the right words at the right time to your boss is important skill to master.

Are Winners Born or Made?

My observations have taught me that quite often the people who are given a ‘running start’ at life are the ones who spontaneously combust.

Indonesia Dream

I had a dream on March 12, 2007 before I woke up, wherein I saw Indonesian leaders standing around me. I was then handed a marriage certificate inviting me to commit my life to help Indonesia and its people.

Everyone Has a Story and an Excuse, Get Over It

I often ask people what they want out of life and in life. I get a very large variety of answers. Everything from love to money to success in all areas. Then I ask people what they are doing right now to get those things or what their plan is. The typical response is a blank stare as most people have no idea what to do to get there. After that, I ask what they plan on doing to get it or why they don’t try this or that to get there.

Optimal Action – Balancing Tension And Relaxation

Optimal action is about using tension and relaxation to control the force and flow of energy. Releasing your intention is tension in release. It is the process of holding your intention firmly and then releasing it to carry itself out in motion. It is a balance of how much tension and release to have at different moments.

The Quest for Willpower

What allows one person to possess great willpower and another none? Is there a genetic predisposition for self-restraint? Is it a learned pattern? Are you born with it? More important, can you develop willpower?

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