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One Way We Might Subvert Our Resolve in 2010

New Year’s resolutions are on the tip of most everyone’s pen and tongue. Thousands of suggestions, “how tos,” and “best ways” are being offered to help folks make, and carry through on, their New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, as in past years, 98% of those who make resolutions will have given up or failed by Valentine’s Day.

Happy New Year 2010 – And Reflections on the Past

Not long ago, the clock struck midnight and it is now 2010 where I live. Some places have not quite reached midnight yet, but will soon. I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. If 2009 was not a good year for you, I hope this one will be a lot better. If 2009 was a good year, I wish you continued happiness for 2010.

What Does Motivation Mean to You?

Motivation is what keeps us going. It is that internal energy and voices that tell us to keep moving and doing something, even as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. Motivation is one of those words that is so easy to say and so easy to talk about but not so easy to obtain or retain. It is part of human condition to lose motivation on a regular basis, that’s if you had the motivation in the first place.

Top Five Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

This article discusses the difference between procrastination and the natural fluctuations in motivation which most people experience; and it offers my top five tips for overcoming procrastination. The question is not whether you ever procrastinate (I believe all of us do), but rather how you handle it when you do. Some people, when they catch themselves procrastinating, respond by making the avoided task a priority, and by making a plan to get back on track. But how? I’d like to share a few strategies that work best for me, and then give you links to more ideas…

The Ultimate Game of Charades and Monopoly!

When was the last time you played Charades, or Monopoly? 1 week ago, 3 months ago, 6 months ago, possibly a year ago or perhaps even last millennium? The reason I ask you this is very important, because I need you to associate with them, remember how you played them, and what the key elements and concept of each game were.

Change Yourself – Change Your Life

Most of us want our lives to change. We want to have meaning in our lives, we want more time, more freedom to the things we love and to be with the ones we love. We want to live life instead of what many feel is mere existence or enduring a life of drudgery.

How to Keep the Motor Running When You’re on E!

This article is a motivational recipe. Things to remember when your on your journey to success. Affirmations to keep the thought pattern positive during those turbulent times when the mind involuntarily volunteers to conjure up thoughts to promote wavering from your path to victory.

3 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk

As we all know, not only crazy people talk to themselves. We all spend the whole day talking to ourselves, even if we don’t realize it. Self-talk is like having a radio in our heads. We hear it wherever we are, and more often than desired, this voice is a non-stop reminder of how unlucky, bad, or silly we are. This character in our heads is an expert in getting us down through pessimism and criticism.

Music For Motivation

A great way to plan for the future is to get some bright inspiring up-beat music going while you sit down and work out what you want from life. The mood lifting music will help inspire you to aim higher for the things you really desire.

Execution and Getting Things Done

Getting things done can be hard for some people, the main problem most often lies with the execution part of things. You know what to do, you have made the plans and now you just need to set it into action.

New Year’s Resolutions For 2010 – Top Tips For Success

If you want to be one of the 10% of people who stick to their resolutions – then read on! The chances of success are much better when you channel your energy into changing just one aspect of your behaviour.

A Golden Goal in a Golden Age – Courage Has it!

Fear is part and parcel of life. To live without fear – or to have our fear so controlled as to not be weighed down by it; notwithstanding even micro-fear – must be the nexus of living now, into eternity. It’s got to be the final frontier toward freedom, however we define that.

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