The Surprising Power of Small Habits | How to Get Remarkable Results With Tiny Changes!

How Do My Actions Impact the Planet?

When we start with changing ourselves and begin leading by example, people will say, “I want more of that.” Taking responsibility in this way helps us have a much more positive impact on the planet.

Are You Too Comfortable in Your Discomfort Zone?

Do you find yourself complacent, bored, understimulated? Are you mistaking familiarity for “comfort”? See how to move away from your comfort zone and reach your REAL potential.

What Are You Motivated By – Pain Or Pleasure?

Do you have to get really unhappy with the way your life is in order for you to make changes? Do you have to be really angry at someone before you tell them how you feel? Or do you move toward the things that you enjoy freely and frequently without being forced? See how pain and pleasure affect our decision making and learn how to harness YOUR potential.

Hang Out With Winners If You Want to Win

Sometimes the rut that you are in, or the mood you want to change, or the bad feelings that manifest themselves in you are easier to shake than you might think. How to find and emulate those that you admire. Play to win.

How Much Do You Give of Yourself to Others?

There are very few days that go perfectly smooth without even the smallest interruption to throw you off schedule. In a perfect world, you are able to check off every item on your “to-do list” for the day, and you feel good that you have accomplished so much. You feel like patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

Yes, You Are That Powerful

How powerful is your mind? Can you will yourself to die? More important, can you will yourself to success?

Become a Doer and Become a Millionaire

Look he’s a good friend and he would never mislead me. So I have to believe it’s true that a bunch of seals beached themselves in Ontario, CA last weekend. Monday night I talked to a friend who was ranting and raving about the kick butt event he went to.

Motivation – The Biggest Step to Your Success is Motivation

Is Motivation the foundation of success? Well we know that our dreams and ambitions are far more less likely to fail even before they have a chance to get off the ground, if we are strongly motivated to accomplish the task we set out to do. Many times we will have a great idea and get the project started only to find, a few days later, when “reality sets in”, and the thoughts of failure come creeping into the mind, that we should have been more motivated before we began or we need somehow to get more motivated to keep going.

Benefits of Positive Thinking – 10 Ways That Can Create Wonders in Your Life

Developing healthy lifestyle by knowing the benefits of positive thinking will help you to neutralize negative thoughts, create positive affirmations, build self-confidence in yourself and get success in life. But sometimes some situations may arise, when you may find that your business is not moving ahead in the right direction and your earnings are not as per your expectations.

We Are Capable of Amazing Things

As a young African American man, I was moved to tears as I witnessed a black man become president of the United States. Even though our community has made tremendous strides in many areas, there are many areas that still require a great deal of improvement. This assessment made it difficult for me to see an african american winning the presidency in my lifetime.

What Would You Do If You Were Given the 5 Talents From Jesus?

Remember the parable in the Bible talking about the talents? It turned out that of the three servants the master entrusted, two went out and made handsome returns. Only the third guy is so “cautious” that he dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

A Clear Explanation of What is Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation

Get to know the real meaning of motivation and what it can do for you. Plus you will learn about extrinsic motivation and the role it plays in motivation.

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