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If You Have A Problem, Climb And Scale That Mountain!

Some problems are harder than others, and some solutions are better than others is the cry of anyone who faced anything in life and existence and made it through. That is the point of this article. Pure motivation from within you (as it is me) is where it is at when you want to solve anything.

Hide and Seek

We are all familiar with the game we played as children where we would hide somewhere while we waited and hoped we could escape to home base before the seeker found us. Some of us had really good hiding places where no one could find us and we would get home safely every time. Others of us would hide in places where we could be seen and found quickly.

Three False Ideas About Gaining Expert Recognition As a Speaker or Author

For anyone who hopes to create a career based on their expert abilities, the speaking and writing arenas are powerful ways to get through to a big number of people. And the thought of learning to be a recognized expert author or speaker generates strong reactions – from robust enthusiasm to pronounced reluctance. For clarity, let’s first explore what expert recognition involves.

Are You Any Closer To Your Goals?

Where does the time go? Already we are six months into what was the new year although it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were planning strategies as to how we could conquer this new year, making resolutions and deciding where this year will take us.   We are now half way through the year so it is time to take stock of where we at and what we have accomplished since we made those deliberate plans.

Four Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals and Gain More Happiness!

  Often when we are working too hard, and pushing too much not seeing the results we desire – we become exhausted and begin to question ourselves – and we simply feel like giving up. But now is not the time to give up! You have come way too far and to turn back now!

Effective Motivation Techniques

Whether you want it for yourself or for others, learning effective motivation techniques can go a long way and be beneficial not just for you, but for others you lead as well. People who most often want to study the different ways to motivate themselves and others are currently managers, CEOs and even sport coaches. Motivation is the one of the ways to influence people to move towards a common and positive goal.

What Motivates You and How Do You Stay Motivated?

How many times have you heard of “Are you tired of working a dead end job?” Or do you think that you will never get the promotion on your job? It is important for you on your life’s journey to know what motivates you.

Playing a Vital Role Well Despite the Pressure, Nerves or Frustration

On the day set for our performance of the role – which is possibly today – we can draw comfort from the fact that we’re not the only actors in this pantomime of life, that our performances will soon be history, and that God will love us despite our level of performance… Imagine breathing easy, or easier, in contemplation of the broader world concern – gaining relief through the God-expanded perspective – in order that the bright bulbs of the pressuring personal spotlight might be, for a moment, dimmed.

How Much Do You Really Want It?

Have you ever wanted something so badly but you couldn’t have it? You wanted this thing so much it felt like something was tearing you up inside. Your desire was so strong that it hurt because you weren’t able to have what it was you wanted so desperately. Perhaps it was a house you had your eye on, or a prize in a competition, or holiday. Maybe there’s been a special someone you dreamed of being with that you never could.

The Secret Article That Is Not A Secret

Sure, every sincere conscious wish ultimately finds fulfillment, but sometimes, “ultimately” seems to be a long time from when you ask. This is an article with tips, suggestions and things to shorten that “ultimate” wait for you.

3 Tips to Suffering Well

Life has its fill of suffering, but there is a difference in how to suffer badly and suffer well. Suffering well is something that I have learned to do and I have had a fair amount of suffering to gain experience. In this short article we are going to look at 3 tips to suffering well.

How You Can Get Motivated Today?

Motivation is one of those things that every so often fluctuate. There are days in the week that we can be extremely motivated to get things done and complete our “to do” list ahead of time. Then you have those days that you may feel burdened to even get out of bed.

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