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Just Don’t Quit on Your Goals or Dreams

At some point in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, your success will be contingent on a single moment. In that moment, you will be very tempted to give up and quit. You may grow weary from working hard and not yet seeing the results you want. You will question if all the work is worth the outcome, if you’ll even reach the outcome you desire. Read on to learn how to hold fast and stay the course, even when you don’t want to!

The Answer Is Meditation

Whenever I have a situation, a problem, or need inspiration or peace the answer is meditation. No matter what you may need, meditation is the way to tap into your Inner Being, your Higher Self. The answer is within. We know more than we give ourselves credit for. We use a small percentage of our brain. In meditation we can tap into the vast storage system of our brain as well as the wisdom of the universe when we quiet our mind in meditation.

This Is Your Year

From 1952-1961 one of the best remembered television series called “This Is Your Life” caught the imagination of America. The format of the show wasbased on the rather simple principle–a guest was surprised with a presentation of their past life in the form of a narrative by a TV host and reminisces by relatives and friends.

How To Motivate Yourself When Necessary

In the book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, the author defines motivation this way,”that which induces action or determines choice, it is that which provides a motive (an inner urge only within the individual which incites them to action).” Whatever we are doing in life, there comes those times when we must develop the habit of motivating and encouraging ourselves.

The Power in Silence

When we take the time to allow our minds to relax and focus inward, we allow tiny springs of emotion and truth to enter our conscious mind. With enough focused, conscious thought, the same springs can turn into a torrent that ushers in the change that we so desperately want and need.

Trying To Feel

Have you been trying to do something but you just don’t feel like it? Stop trying and feeling.

Being Still and Doing Nothing Are Two Very Different Things

If you were to imagine yourself doing nothing, what would that look like? Are you sitting in front of the TV watching a movie? Or maybe reading a book? Are you enjoying yourself? What are you thinking about? How does it feel to do nothing? Now, imagine being still. You are not watching TV, you are not reading a book. Instead, you are sitting, not moving, being perfectly still and silent. It is a totally different feeling, isn’t it? Your thoughts are turned inward and you are alert and watchful. Every sound and feeling you have is in sharp relief.

Know What Matters Most in Your Life

When our work life is demanding, setting priorities at home can be difficult. We may find ourselves struggling between what we want to do, versus what we really should be doing. Or, we fall into procrastinating when the pressure’s off, and things just never get done.

The Glass Is Full – Expanding Your Capacity

If a glass containing water is filled with water to the halfway mark of the glass, is it half full or half empty? It’s not a trick question; unless, of course, you want it to be. The answer really depends on how you look at it.

Vision – 8 Power Quotes on the Importance of Having a Vision in Your Life

The writer of Ecclesiastes alludes to the fact that a wise man has eyes in his head. That means he does not only see with his physical eyes. He sees what others cannot see and has wisdom and insight, dissecting issues and dealing with them in unfamiliar fashion. Visionary people are change agents because they don’t just see what is, instead they see what can be and begin to work towards it. You can be wise in your own eyes but if you are shortsighted, lacking long term vision, you can only produce short – term results. I share eight power quotes on the importance of vision for your life.

Life, A Teacher

To some life is a risk, to some life is a riddle and to some life is a game. But I call LIFE a teacher of all time.

Build Your Confidence by Properly Handling Challenges

It can be exhausting facing and trying to overcome challenges. Sometimes it may seem there is one trial or ordeal after another. It is imperative to know how to deal with them so goals can be met.

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