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Controlling Your Mind Power – Are You Ready?

Often when I ask people what do they really want to be different in their lives, I am surprised to hear them respond that they do not know what they want to be different. If I press them a bit, most come up with general answers like they would like to have more money, a better job, or a long-delayed vacation. When I then ask them why they think they do not have those things, they generally have a list of reasons.

The Programme of Our Mind

Fear is a great paralyser. It holds you from achieving the full potential of your life. Fear comes from human basic instinct of self protection. It helps humans to avoid any necessary danger. But too much fear stifles a person from doing any action that can promote personal growth. If you have fear of public speaking for example, the logic thinking of your brain is to avoid the circumstances as best as possible. By avoiding the thing you fear such as public speaking, you are not solving any problem. You also will not challenge yourself to grow. By doing the things you fear, you will in time conquer the fear and therefore will make you the master of your own destiny.

Mental Recession – Are Hard Times All in Your Head?

Many times situations that are unpleasant seem to hang on forever. It seems as though you no sooner get out of one jam than another pops up. When situations appear in your life that you are not really enjoying, what is your response? Do you discuss them with everyone who will listen? Do you go over them one by one, delving into the possible reasons for them and who might be at fault?

Need Motivation – Will You Ever Forget Nick?

Feeling unmotivated? Sometimes a story that burns deep into your memory gives you the motivation you need to keep going. This story is about young Nick, who did his personal best. You will never forget him. Remembering Nick will motivate you when you need it most.

A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine

The proverb ‘a Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’ has much relevance in the modern day context. Solving a problem immediately, stave’s off many other problems. To put it in simple words, stitching a torn cloth will postpone us from spending in purchasing a newer clothes.Thus the saved amount may be diverted to other projects and be given to charity.A government can learn much from this proverb in the modern day context.

Self-Motivation – From Dreadful Monday to Joyful Friday – Or From Blissful Monday to Fatal Friday?

Suffering from a chronic lack of motivation? Do you dread the alarm clock ringing on Monday, or are you barely dragging yourself out of bed on Friday? If this describes your life, then boy do I have good news for you! You were not designed to live a roller coaster life of tricky victory followed by inevitable defeat. God created you to experience a constant increase in all areas of your life ’til the end of your days. You can discover the mistakes you are making, and determine to effectively change the course of your life.

Motivate Yourself With One Great Word Or One Great Sentence

Words have the power to motivate humans to take action. Sometimes just one word or one sentence can be enough to inspire massive action. Such words are worth thinking about every single day and can make a huge difference to our lives. This article considers one such word.

8 Quick Motivation Tips For Your Road to Success

Everyone wants to be successful, they want to achieve their goals and achieve the things they wanted the most in their life. However, only about 90 percent of people who actually dream about this makes it come true. So there must be something that 10 percent of people had to be different from the 90 percent. The difference is this; they know how to motivate themselves into taking action and driving themselves toward their goals in their road to success.

Do You Fear Change?

Taking that step, that first step, in any new direction can scare the skirt off any woman. Whether it’s a family move to a new city, your first speech in front of colleagues, or buying an outfit that you love- but you think others may question, “Have you lost your mind?”, moving into uncharted territories sometimes can have us paralyzed.

Dealing With Fear and Negative Self Talk

Our negative inner chatter can contribute to our fears which leads to more negative self-talk. Learn how to break the vicious cycle, moving from a life of fear and negativity to a life of inner peace and joy.

Meditation and the Breath

Most yoga and tai chi instructors tend to shy away from teaching meditation. However meditation is the pathway to experiencing our relationship with all there is. In order to move into the meditative state it is necessary to take up the study of pranayama.

How to Improve Your Concentration and Overcome Procrastination

We live in a society where multitasking is common. Frequently you’ll find that it is even encouraged. Yet, when we begin to multitask on a regular basis we begin to loose our ability to Concentrate.

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