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Motivational Thoughts – Motivate Me

We can all use a little motivation now and again even if we think that we are truly motivated. There are certain times when everything seems to go against you – when you are up, things just get better, but when you are down, you can’t seem to stop the brown and smelly stuff being heaped upon you.

Leadership Traits of Women in the Winners Circle

For centuries women have been striving to be recognized. We have had to strategize and fight for every achievement and honor we have received. God created women EQUAL to men. He created us to walk beside them; not behind them. In the business world today, for many years men have predominantly held leadership roles.

Motivation in the Context of Work

Motivation can be extrinsic or intrinsic. The extrinsic kind is the one that comes from external rewards and other like factors. The intrinsic kind is the one that comes from within the person. Now the question is what are the kinds of motivation that can move employees to work better in the work environment?

Reaching Popularity Through Unpopular Routes

Many of us know the games that are played in movie industries – Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood. Some were among the players, helping to make no-name actors into stars, thereby getting into hobnob with the rich and famous, and also seeing the underbelly of the film industry and learning firsthand what it takes for Christians to survive the entertainment industry experience.

Awareness on the Condition of the Planet

People have always been thankful to all the blessings that God had given them like the food they eat and the happiness they had felt. One of the happiest moments of each and everyone is to be with their families having a picnic or a vacation. It is really great to have a picnic at the top of the mountain where you can see the beautiful view of the houses and beach afar. Smelling the fresh air at the top keeps you feel so comfortable and stress-free.

Man in the Mirror

It is 6 o’clock in the morning and Richard is getting ready for work. He stops half-way in fixing his tie and stares at his own reflection on the mirror. He is very pleased with himself and keeps thinking of the coveted “Employee of the Year” award that he won yesterday.

Preparation is Easier Than Being Unprepared

Preparation is easier than being unprepared. It may feel difficult to prepare. Often, the difficulty of preparation is what we use an excuse for not doing it. Lack of preparation is also the reason for failure in all areas of life. In the short-term, it may feel more difficult to prepare, but in the long-term, it is much more difficult to deal with the consequences.

How to Get and Stay Motivated in 11 Easy Steps

Been dragging lately? Can’t quite get that project done? Yes, I been there and done that, which is what you call or what my drill instructor used to call a lack of motivation. Motivation, a word I used to dislike in my early days as a private but I grew to love toward the end of my training. Motivation gets things done.

Life is Matter of Choice – Choose Well, Live Well

Every once in a while life will bring you to a fork in the road, where you are required to choose which way to head. Your attitude at that moment in time will determine which one you will choose.

Sense of Responsibility

Living in this world means that there are rights, duties and responsibilities. Fulfillment of responsibilities as an obligation shows how much one is dutiful. People around you expect you to do things because they are due or ought to be done.

Ignore This Advice If You Don’t Want to Increase Your Performance Effectiveness!

Not everyone is fond of eating broccoli, when a nice chocolate sundae will do. However, as we all know, we eventually become what we eat. And those who become vegetarians can attest to the fact that, in time, the vegetables actually become more desirable than what we used to think tasted good.

Motivation Techniques

Sometimes we feel that our goals have gone far off and they are hard to achieve. The job that once was enriching and challenging seems more like a drag everyday.

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