These 7 HABITS Can Make 2022 the Best YEAR EVER!

Motivation and Self-Improvement: Living Life in 3D

You want to be exceptional, but in the past you have lacked the resolve and commitment to do what it takes to be exceptional. Well, today is a changing day in your life! Read this article and get motivated to take on life’s challenges with a fresh perspective.

7 Ways to Use Art to Self-Motivate -You Can Achieve That Dream, Goal or Vision

Are there times when you need to motivate yourself? In the absence of a motivational speaker, music or mental rehabilitation try using art. Here are seven suggestions.

What’s a Nano-Niche

What is your area of expertise? You better have one.

The Greatest Key to Success

There are many keys to success but only one “greatest” key. Without the greatest key to success none of the other keys will function as they should. This article reveals the key that will unlock your entire destiny.

Don’t Let Life ‘Happen’ To You

One thing we all have in common is our desire to be successful. The first question I often ask when I’m speaking to a group is: “who wants to be successful?” Naturally, every hand in the room goes up without hesitation. People don’t even have to think about it. “Of course I want to be successful, what a stupid question.”

Are You the Common Denominator

What if the frustration in life actually meant something meaningful other than irritation. This article explore the issue and the benefits of using frustration to your advantage.

Express Your Passions Through the Power of Your Senses

Do you want more passion in your life? Do you want to know the keys to exceptional living and experience satisfaction and joy? There are many ways to reconnect with your authentic self. Here are some exercises to bring you into the present and stimulate your senses.

How to Get the Best Deals on Wholesale Gift Basket Supplies

I like to give gift baskets to my friends and family members on special occasions. A few years ago, I started making my own gift baskets rather than buy the expensive products that are being sold in the stores. The recipients of my gifts suggested that I start my own business because they love all my creations.

Wanna Succeed – Get Uncomfortable

As an Exercise Scientist and Trainer I have spent much of the last twenty-five years helping people change their body. Smaller, bigger, lighter, leaner, more muscle, more flexibility, speed, power… Athletes, non-athletes, kids, mums, dads – whatever they were after; that’s what I did my best to deliver. Early in my career I discovered that whether or not someone achieved their desired goals had very little to do with what was possible, or their genetic potential, and everything to do with their ability to deal with discomfort.

Determination Is Critical To Your Success

How are you doing these days? Things a little tough right now? Or are you reaping the results of your previous determination? Either way, keep the vigil. You can’t ever let up. Life won’t let you. The moment you do, you invite life’s scorn, wrath and another opportunity for failure, disappointment and pain.

How To Keep An Open Mind

Your ideals, values, and belief system have all been shaped and influenced by your background. Your thoughts are influenced mostly by what others taught you about where you come from, the color of your skin, your religion, the political views of the majority, what your ancestors believed in, etc. It was important to teach you what to be, what to think, and what to believe in. It was especially important to teach you that those ideas are the only ones to follow, the only ones that are correct, and the only one that will bring you safety and happiness.

What Are You Committed To and How Can You Prove It?

When you are not committed to something, you hesitate and are reluctant to move boldly toward the things you want. You become indecisive about the actions to take and all you really have are just mere wishes, promises, hopes and a fleeting interest with no solid action…

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