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Develop a Sense of Urgency

Here are 7 steps that you can take to program your mind with a sense of urgency. They will motivate you to overcome procrastination and accomplish your goal.

What Can Really Make Or Mar What You Want to Do is Only ‘YOU’

It’s believed by visionary and strong souls that if you aim for the moon you will at least end up amongst the stars. If you do not cherish any aim you will come to sheer nothing. To make things worse, if you seek to justify your failure, then you are literally digging your grave with your own hands. It goes beyond describing through words how unavoidably important it is to have some aim or serious cause in life to live it energetically and wonderfully. How very fittingly someone pointed to this fact by quoting the example of a bird: “A man without aim is like a broken winged bird.”

4 Simple Life Changers – Change My Life

Do you feel a void and as if there is no drive or passion in your life? Something can be done to answer the call of your heart and soul. You are experiencing the need to have 4 simple life changers that can change my life now.

4 Simple Ways – Change My Ways – Change My Life

Do you feel rejected by those in your life? We all need to contribute back in order to feel good and valuable. You’re experiencing the need 4 simple ways to change my ways and change my life today!

Intrinsic Motivation

Discover how you can use intrinsic motivation to power your way through to what you desire.

Two Extremes – Learned Helplessness and Resilience – You Choose

Defensive reactions are generally linked with ‘learned helplessness.’ I think everyone would agree that this is not the best way to live. And that is the key. We all get a CHOICE as to how we want to live our lives.

Mind to Eliminating Procrastination From Within

The start of procrastination is from the Mind. Negative thoughts and negative beliefs if left unattended would always dwell on the Mind. In a recent study in Canada, it was found that stress is one side effect of procrastination, so putting things off to the last-minute if practiced regularly is detrimental to health as it also becomes a habit. Understanding how to break this by Mind Power direction is the key to banishing procrastination.

Boost Your Confidence Level Using Motivational Life Quotes

Your success in life depends on how much confident you are. The life you are leaving today and the life you will live in future decided by your confidence level. It’s a simple formula. The more confident you are, the more successful and happy life you will live.

The Myth of Procrastination

It’s so easy to put off doing what we want to do. People know they procrastinate, and they hate it, and then they continue to do it.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Five years ago, my acupuncturist told me: “You’re perfectly healthy. You don’t have to be scared because you don’t have any serious disease. You just have to spread your wings and fly”. I was looking at him confused and angry, thinking: “I’m sick and he’s making jokes!”

Fears Facing Future Business Owners

Before I became an Entrepreneur I faced many fears of mine when it came to actually starting my business. I knew I always wanted the freedom to work hard and to take control of my destiny but I always knew there were fears and doubts inside of me. These feelings over time have propelled me to briefly explain what are the biggest fears of entrepreneurship and how to overcome them.

How to Build Life Long Motivation

The word encouragement emanates from the Latin word, meaning. It means to give courage, confidence or hope. Having courage is having the ability to disregard fear and to be brave. The easiest way to be brave and fearless is to listen to and follow your heart. To further your level of success you must establish a system for self-encouragement.

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