These BILLIONAIRES Share There Most Valuable Secrets on How to Build A SUCCESSFUL Life

Are You Ready to Do the Work?

We all say that we want this or that for our lives. But, the real question is-Are we willing to do the work?

Go Hard in Pursuit of Your Life’s Vision!

Time waits for no man, as the saying goes. The same can be said for the pursuit of your life’s vision. Get into action now.

Will You Have a Legacy of Significance?

We honor great leaders of the past as heroes because of significance of their legacies. Will you have a legacy of significance?

Habit Improvement, Performance Enhancement

Getting motivated is relatively easy. Staying that way very hard. Experience subliminal audio.

How to Use Motivation to Keep Doctors Away

No human being on planet earth will dispute the fact that we all need to eat, bath, paste, drink water etc on a daily basis if we actually want to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Do you know that no matter how heavy it rains, the ground will still absorb? We don’t just get motivation once and expect to live all our life with just that single dosage of motivation. Just the same way we can’t eat once and expect it to sustain us all through our existence on this planet called earth.

Focus – One Word That Can Change Your Life Forever

Focus can hurt you or it can launch you to the life you imagine. This is part 1 of a 4 part series that examines how to use focus to better your business and your life.

How to Overcome the #1 Fatal Mistake in Business and Life

Many CEOs, business owners and everyday people look for adventure and excitement outside of work that test their fears and abilities to take risk. Why? The Goal, to get past what is called the Freakout Point.

Overcoming Disappointment Then, Now & in the Future – I Want to But I Can’t – Now You Can!

Possibilities for a future that feels far more expansive and joyful than the past is possible when we’re able to find a way to be fully present in the present, using some of our energy to focus on a future we would like to experience, without the resistance of the past acting like a ball and chain. Anytime I have manifested or attracted anything significant in my life there was a process I needed to go through to get it.

Put the Magical Realism Back in Your Life, Part One

How is it that someone can fail to see the miraculous when it is right before them? In short, it is because what seems magical to us may be reality for them.

The Top Five Self-Motivation Tips

Self motivation is so crucial for success. You can have all the goals and imagination you want, but without the drive or ambition to take action to achieve those goals you will end up like a lot of people; sitting on the couch filling the void by eating and drinking.

Be a Verb – Take Action

Learning to trust yourself in taking action from the heart is the key to living a joyful life. Sometimes it is the single step forward that creates the magic.

Keep Moving Forward

Think about it for a moment… What comes to mind when you hear this statement? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this. However, the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear this comment is “being resilient.” From a young age, I’ve always prided myself on being resilient and overcoming obstacles. It was drilled into my head that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Whether it’s people or situations, adversity is truly just a part of life. How you respond will make a world of difference.

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