These Entrepreneurs EXPLAIN How to Build the Mindset of A CHAMPION and How to SUCCEED

Whose Life is It?

Recently, Kyle and I went on a surf trip with a group of people and we found ourselves in a surprising situation. Once we all arrived at the bungalow, everyone immediately ran inside. We thought it was odd how the others left their doors open and only grabbed one small item to bring inside when the back of the van was completely filled with supplies.

If I Could Be Like Mike!

Thoughts are the fundamental elements that allow one to achieve the impossible dream or sink into a life of obscurity. Someone that has reached any level of success has had to have a strong mind to bring into fruition a goal that he or she has had that has any meaning to them. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest Basketball player to ever play the game.

Ironman Triathlon, Drowning Rats and BOLD Goals

I learned a valuable lesson at the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii. That bit of wisdom is best summed up by a quote from Thomas Carlyle: “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

Your Life, Your Reality, Your Thoughts, Your Stability, Your Existence, Your Responsibility

Everything you do makes you responsible for yourself, from thinking to action, everything. In a reasoned out and detached manner, I will explain how this rationally works in my life or the life of anyone in this article.

Get Up and Keep Going! Don’t Stop

Look at the word DOn’t quIT, and what do you find? DO IT. Everyone falls down in life, but you can win lying on the floor. Dust yourself off get up and RUN to the finish line.

No Option of Retreat

Traveling from Spain, Hernando Cortez neared the coast of what is now Mexico in November, 1519. Cortez knew it was crucial for him to accomplish his objective of starting a colony in this new world. He was prepared for battle and arrived with several ships full of troops. However, as he landed on the shore, he faced an unpleasant reality: There were about 300 native warriors to every soldier in Cortez’s battalion.

SAY “YES” – To That Within You Which Insists on Being

What within you continues to insist on being? When you say “yes” to that within you which insists on being, the guidance inherent in that impulse or desire is released as well. The universe in turn opens the way through inspiration, synchronicities, opportunities and all manner of unexpected assistance.

Sometimes “Lucky Enough” Isn’t Enough – 6 Strategies to Set Your Sites Higher and Live Your Dream

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been told all your life to stop your wishful thinking and just be grateful for what you have. But sometimes “lucky enough” just isn’t enough. Have gratitude for what you do have and then aim higher. Yes, even in this economy it’s possible to live your dream life.

Inspired Motivation – A Personal Path

Most of us tend to look for inspiration from our surroundings. However, the very best inspiration we can find is already inside us.

Hypnosis – Master Your Spirit

Acquisition or mastering of hypnosis helps you to unlock the doors of your existence towards new understandings, knowledge and achievements which you never before thought realistic. If you perfect/master the act of hypnosis, you can easily or without much efforts “win acquaintances and persuade people” using techniques and methods which otherwise would have been a fantasy or dream. Mastering of hypnotic motivational techniques bestows you with “supernatural” or “extraordinary” power or authority to persuade or influence people.

It is Time to Grow

How many years has it been since you last made a dream turn into reality? If you haven’t yet begun, don’t you think it’s time to grow again? Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself right now.

With Money

There are hundreds of things competing for our attention and our dollars, every day. What makes us stop and take notice of something? You can make the decision to be more “aware” and the positive effects can be nothing short of powerful.

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