These Experts REVEAL How You Can REVERSE AGING and Stay Young LONGER

Learn to Love Your Job With More of the Most Worst Jobs of All Time!

So you’ve been stuck with that old and boring routine for a few years now. Your day basically consists of countless phone calls to nagging clients, your mounds of paperwork from last week have become veritable mountains and your stress levels have reached astronomical heights. Could it get any worse than this? Actually, you are very fortunate that the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’.

How to Change Your Life – Women in Midlife Learning to Get Clear on What We Really Want

I have learned over the years and especially as I moved through midlife, that the most important thing to do to achieve a goal is to get CLEAR. How do you do that? I’m continually learning and now I want to share one sure way. Read on to discover what I found.

Life Mirrors Our Reality

Life mirrors our reality. In order for us to get out of this financial crisis that we are facing as a nation we must brutally take a look not only at our spending habits, but on a microcosmic level we must look at the limiting beliefs that we hold on to.

Remodeling Our Nation

In order to change things in our country and with ourselves we must begin to view it as a remodeling project. We cannot have something new that no longer works for us or is pleasing to the eye unless we tear down the old and start fresh as in remodeling projects. Such is also the case with our financial crisis.

Looking For New Energy Resources?

Tired of being tired? Fatigue and depression are a sign of something is our of sorts. How are we not following our dreams in life. Looking for new energy resources? What is your passion in life?

Attending Motivational Seminars – Find Ways to Help Improve Yourself

There are many reasons people want or need to attend motivational workshops and seminars. These reasons vary greatly from individual to individual. However, no matter what the reason for going may be, motivational seminars can be a great help for those who choose to attend.

Motivating Adult Students – 3 Theories to Motivate Adult Students

Many theories exist in today’s educational world to help motivate adult students. Adult students cannot be taught, motivated, or assessed in the same ways that traditional students can be taught, motivated, or assessed. Adult learners need different strategies and theories to help motivate them to learn and do well in the classroom.

A Guide to Taking Action and Creating the Life You Want

Are you complaining about your life and waiting for someone else to come along and change it for you? Learn how to stop complaining and start living today!

Feeling Lonely and Rejected? What to Do When Nobody Believes in You

Maybe one of the most distressing experiences people can encounter is that of being rejected by the people who should be supporting them. Although human beings are intrinsically social and gregarious, there are moments when the community we live in does not fulfill its role of reinforcement it is supposed to have. It is then when people have to deal with feelings of exclusion and loneliness.

Failing – What You Need to Keep and How it Helps You

When you fail at something that you would really like to do what comes next? Do you just give up and think it is too hard? Do you act like a victim and sulk or feel that you are less for trying or do you move ahead and learn from what happened? Moving ahead involves risk. To risk is to truly live.

How to Change Your Life As a Midlife Woman – The 7 Stages BEFORE Goal Setting

In order for you as a Midlife Woman to make a true Midlife Reinvention, in fact, for anything to happen in life, you need to take it through several stages even BEFORE setting goals. Here they are…

Power Principles For Overcoming Procrastination

One of the great hindrances to an individuals success is the age-old problem of procrastination. It is very much in the nature of man to procrastinate. After all, why do today what you can put off tomorrow. “to do nothing is within every mans power.”

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