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Simple Motivation Tips You Can Do to Be Successful in Life

We all dream. We all want to succeed. However, there may be times that we lack the motivation to achieve what we want. Read on for some simple motivation tips that you might be missing in your quest for success.

Timeless Lessons From the 7 Principles of the Eagle

What are these principles that makes the eagle so special? What lessons can we derive from them? I will recall each principles and lessons we can all learn from the 7 principles of the eagles in a simple and easy to understand way.

5 Tips to Self-Motivating Talent Management For Zoomers and Super Zoomers

My dad died at age 68. He worked himself to death in his life and business. He died just shortly after he sold his business and so was “free” from the day-to-day. Too late to enjoy his — and my mom’s — living freedom. Heartbeats are our ultimate, personal non-renewable resource.

The “Form Slump” – That Awful Character Test We All Must Go Through

Once we’re truly accomplished at the skill or activity or relationship, the dynamics can change somehow, or our confidence somehow droops. Skill-wise this is known as the “form slump.” How do we get through this tough time?

Why Money Is Not an Important Motivator in Internet Marketing

So why do we try so hard to be successful in our online marketing business? What energizes us so much that we do whatever it takes to succeed? Why don’t we just pack up and return to the corporate 9-5 world when the going gets tough? What motivates us to keep on going? Money is certainly not the reason.

Motivation Techniques – Create Instant Motivation

Get your motivation going with a simple movement and stance? You don’t think you can? I’ll teach you how using an NLP method called “anchoring.”

Stop in Order to Move Ahead

In order to move effectively forward you must stop on a regular basis. A tree does not grow to its full, magnificent height in a single season.

Motivation – A Pat on the Back

Perhaps the most essential aspect of living a successful and happy life is the concept of motivation; without it, we, as humans, would become complacent and unproductive and have a negative feeling of self-worth. Motivation is as much a verb as it is an emotion. To motivate somebody or yourself, you must be able to see beyond what is in front of you and envision what you wish to obtain. When envisioning these goals or dreams, an individual has a sense of excitement as he or she draws closer to obtaining these goals. It is this sense of excitement that spurs the person to be motivated to keep pushing forward to obtain the rewards of their efforts.

In it to Win It

How many times have you seen someone do something and thought to yourself, “I can do that!”? How many times have you seen someone that you were attracted to and thought to yourself, “I should go over and talk to him/her!”? How many times have you thought about doing anything and done nothing period? It’s OK to be honest with yourself…

If You Can’t Get Going – Get Angry!

There comes a time in our life when something needs to be done. The status quo is no longer acceptable and major changes in our life become mandatory. That is when anger can come to the rescue.

The Magic of Failure

Failure is not an option. Read about sports stars and others who have persevered and have risen to become #1 in their game by not giving up. By believing in yourself you can be a success to. Quitters never win, and Winners never quit.

Confidence Key To Fear

Fear can be described as false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R). This acronym defines what fear really is. Fear fuels a strong belief that something we do not like or something bad will happen even when we do not have any real proof or justification for our feelings.

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