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2 Ways to Stop Procrastinating: How to Crush the Mental Blocks That Cause Procrastination

Things usually don’t. They simply don’t go according to plan. Sometimes, you get the opposite. But is it always because the plan was bad? Sometimes, yes. But – most of the time – no. There is one surefire way to make sure things don’t go according to plan. Not only that. It can be fixed easily. This article explains one of your biggest obstacle to getting motivated – then shows you how to crush it. Keep reading…

Turn Your Pain Into Productivity

We have heart aches and deep pains that follow us around. They may come from an abusive childhood, a traumatic divorce, a hostile work environment, or our current situation. There are a couple things that can happen. We can be defeated or we can win, plain and simple.

Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Cool

We all get cranky sometimes. We are placed in uncomfortable situations every now and again and we get antsy. We may have an annoying co-worker who is a pain in the butt or a boss who loves to micromanage you. The point is there are all kinds of circumstances that get under our skin and the same with people.

Workplace Motivation

They say that if your job is something you love doing then it doesn’t seem like work. We all would like to find that perfect dream job but that doesn’t always happen. Even if we do have that perfect job our motivation to do it can sometimes go up and down. In perfect situations and jobs our drive can sometimes need a jump start.

10 Top Secret Steps to Help You Move Forward

That place of feeling stuck is not just uncomfortable but frustrating. You may organize your thoughts and all you come up with is want to get unstuck.

Do What You Do

The only thing we can do sometimes is what we do. We will always do what we do because that is what we know, who we are, and what will always resort to. We will always do what we do no matter what the situation or circumstance. Our life can be perfect or torn all apart and we will do the same as we’ve always done.

Motivation in Sport: The Best Proven Ways to Keep the Ball Rolling

The benefits of playing sport are numerous. It helps develop social, physical and psychological aspects of an individual. Develop a motivation in sport participation and start realizing your true life potential.

Motivate Yourself With Simple Practical Neuroscience Laws

How do you get and stay motivated, so your brain and body cooperate to move you forward, seemingly without effort? How do you deal with the paralyzing effects of fear? The answers to these questions lie in practical neuroscience. Learn how to get and stay motivated on conscious and sub-conscious levels, even while you sleep.

Start to Dream Again

For me personally it was hard to allow myself to start to dream again. After a while you almost forget what it is like to get excited about something and to feel enthusiastic about getting up and having another opportunity to get another day closer to your goals. Many live just to pay the bills, meaning just making the cut on a daily basis.

The Best Intention Does Not Produce Results

Ideas and intentions are best when acted upon. We can conjure up some of the greatest things the world has ever known but if the intention never gets produced then what is it. It simply is a passing thought. Some of those passing thoughts could be the next cure for cancer or a way out of a situation or even the solution to a war.

Hostility Fuels Our Passion

Everywhere we look there is some form of hostility waiting to attack our drive. Watching the news you hear of constant wars and conflict. Looking across America and at the divorce rate, you see constant chaos amid couples, and with children, and with each other. Even at work there is always a tension or a constant state of hostilities.

Building a Better Mindset

When you set a goal, challenge yourself and let other people know what you are doing, you set yourself up for greater success. Your mindset improves and those other folks support you and learn from you too.

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