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Team Motivation

Motivation is a force, which drives and encourages a person to overcome conflicts and hurdles. It also refers to a set of forces that leads people to behave in a certain way. It is having the encouragement to do something that a person desires to do. It boosts the will power of the person and enables them attain both long term and short terms goals. It is often seen that motivation helps a lot in boosting efficiency and increasing productivity.

What Are You Going to Do This Year?

At the beginning of every year, so many talk about what they will like to achieve in the year. They talk about their dreams and desire with so much relish that they tend to forget the important fact that they need to face. This article addresses the most important part most of us neglect on our way to achieve our dreams.

Sports Motivation

It is a well-known fact that success requires a great deal of patience and hard work. In order to achieve victory a sports person is required to practice and train every day. As such, they need to be suitably motivated. Lack of motivation may lead to a lax in their fitness routine.

Where Thoughts Come From and What You Can Do With Them

Who we are and who we become are dependent upon the thoughts we persistently think. Since they are so important and influential in the development – or stunting – of our lives it begs the question, “Where do our thoughts come from? The fact that human beings are able to think raises some additional intriguing questions. To what degree is thinking under the control of the thinker? Is the act of thinking under the sole discretion of the one doing the thinking? Are thoughts the unique expression of the pure volition of the individual mind or are there other factors at play, as well? Every adult human being experiences life within two distinct realms that together comprise and define personal reality. Within the context of this article, the answers to the questions posed above will emerge from our discussion of these two realms of reality.

When Inspiration Meets Destiny

How often do we find ourselves searching for our true meaning…what we are here on this earth for? Many wonder…but some find that spark…that true moment of truth…when inspiration meets destiny and everything changes in dramatic ways. What’s your inspiration and destiny?

What Goes Around Comes Around

How often do people, especially in business, think that someone else is at fault? That life just isn’t fair? That some folks never seem to suffer negative consequences for their actions? Often we see the illusion of life instead of reality. Read this and let it sink in… perhaps your perspective will change.

10 Powers that Define Your Successes

As we move through life we look for guidelines – pathways with support systems in place that allow us to move with a high degree of freedom and confidence while providing a safety net in cases of negative influence. My own searchings have tended to guide me toward a ‘minimalist’ attitude in many of my philosophies. After having read hundreds of self-help books, listened to thousands of motivational tapes and attended some of the biggest seminars on the planet – all that portent to illuminate the hidden (but oh so obvious) secrets of success and happiness – I still like to look at the old, dog-eared card on my wall in front of me.

A Common Error That Stops Weight Loss Motivation Dead

Should statements fail to connect with the clarity and joy of choosing to do the work of achieving a certain desire or dream. They pull us from our center and from the joy of taking care of ourselves. Notice how many times a day you say “I should do this,” or “I shouldn’t have done that.” How does it feel to say those words?

How Do You Stay Committed to What You Want in Life?

Our commitment to what we want in life can be challenging. It is a test of our courage and our determination. It makes us grow and forces us to evaluate how important what we are going for is to us. Commitment tells us that what we want is what’s important to our hearts.

What Drives a Person’s Behaviour?

Our upbringing or our circumstances should not dictate the quality of our lives. We can choose how we want to live our lives and should not let past events control what we can or can’t have in life. We can choose to be happy and live in a way that is satisfying to our hearts.

Doing What You Love

Doing what you love makes your heart sing. It ignites that passion and energy within you and life becomes such a gift and joy. You are at your most happiest when you are doing what you love and sharing your talents with others.

How to Pursue Happyness

You can achieve unlimited success as long as you don’t give up. Your achievement comes when you believe in yourself and take action to see it through.

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