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What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker?

A dedicated motivational speaker who delivers speeches during seminars and other events all over the country in major cites to empower the lives of individuals through workshops, seminars, and other event functions. He is a professional speaker who delivers speeches to his audiences through his life experience, his education, and his work with other people from all walks of life.

Tired of Being Tired? Stop and Think About Your Lifestyle

Allow me first of all to ask you a few questions. How do you feel right now? Do you feel as though you could take on any task, big or small, which was asked of you? How do you usually feel when you awake in the morning? Is it a great feeling of energy and excitement, or is it usually a feeling of dread because you feel so tired, you are not motivated enough, to even take out the trash in the morning?

Where is the ‘Genie’ to Grant Me My One Wish?

Do you know what you would wish for if you was ever granted one wish? I know without any hesitation just what I would wish for! I believe wishes to be much like prayers, and the more of us that can pray for the same thing, the better our chances of seeing our wish come true! And after you have read this, I hope you agree and wish like I do!

What Did You Produce Today?

Well, its the day after Thanksgiving and most of us Americans are still in a food coma from last night’s feast. Shoot today’s lunch, was probably leftover from yesterday. Most of us have the day off today, unless you work in retail or the hospitality business. So with this free day, what will you do to be productive? Some may get things done around the house, some may do some of their Christmas shopping and take advantage of the sales (myself included – already done!), some may just extend their coma from yesterday and take a day of rest.:) What will you do?

Three Motivation Tips – It All Starts With a Goal

Do you ever wonder why some people have so much motivation that they can graduate from college at 20, have their PhD by 25 and, have travelled the world by 30 – yet others are the complete opposite when it comes to motivation, and are still living at home with their parents at 40? Do you ever wonder exactly how you can be one of those people who are so motivated, they seem to get and do anything they put their minds to?

Following Routine Or Feeling Alive?

Routine, in general is nothing bad and, in fact, it helps us to get things done faster, in a more reliable way as well as protecting our brain from overloading. Yet, when we settle too much into a life of routine, life becomes monotonous and mechanical. When did you last feel full of life and what can you learn from that?

3 Methods to Help You Overcome Procrastination

The techniques that one uses in order to overcome procrastination will vary from person to person. However, by using a variety of the kinds of techniques we mention below a person will soon be able to improve their life. This prevention of procrastinating will also help to improve one’s productivity levels in the future.

Focus – Where’s Yours?

Every day, consciously and sub-consciously we are being fed information of a…well, let me say in a ‘negative manner’. It’s in the news, on the radio, on the Web and even topics of discussion with our families and friends at the workplace and at home. I find it interesting that there are those that find it hard to stay away from listening to this type of news.

Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals in Quick Time

It is often motivation that leads you to achieve the goals that you are pursuing. All of us have experienced obstacles in our life that have either caused a delay in our work, or have forced us to give up on something that we had eagerly started. It is here that you need to motivate yourself in order to accomplish what you had set out to achieve.

Self Help to Motivation – Unlock Yourself

Getting motivated can be a challenge in itself! But with the right tools, you can manage to get motivated and stay that way!

3 Ways You Could Become Rich – When You Dream the Impossible Dream and Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

Have you ever had a sudden inspiration, a brainwave, a “bolt from the blue”, or a brilliant idea striking you like a light being switched on inside your head? We have all had them, but what did YOU do with your brilliant idea? Did you follow through with the idea, develop it and bring it to fruition?

Five Ways to Motivate Yourself

It’s common knowledge that you cannot pursue a goal until the end without motivation. Nevertheless, what should you do when lack of activity (please read boredom), depression or other causes block the will to finish a project?

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