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Go For It On Fourth Down – The Data Says You Should

Forget the conventional wisdom of kicking the ball away in a football game when it’s fourth down. If I’m coaching a team, we’re going to man up and run a play on that fourth down. The data says that we should. We should be doing that in our lives, too.

Why Keep Motivational Quotes If It Does Not Add Any Value?

This article is about motivational quotes. How it imparts on our lives?

The Universe Is Not That Dumb

There is a lot of talk around law of attraction circles about how we use our words. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on saying things right. We hear it all the time, don’t say the words, “I want”.

Didn’t Get The Job You Wanted And Feel Rejected

You got an interview for you dream job. You thought it went well but in the end you didn’t get the job. How do you feel? Rejected, sad, stressed, depressed, you call yourself a loser, your confidence level drops and you think you’ll never amount to anything.

Sticking to Your Goals and New Year’s Resolutions!

Sticking to your Goals and New Year’s Resolutions! It’s that time of the year to review your past years goals and resolutions. Time to create brand new ones to keep you excited and motivated for the new year, or modify last years ideas.

Motivation By Pain

Motivation is basically a driving force. It is some kind of burning desire to achieve something. The driving force is of different types and this article talks about one main factor for motivation, and it is pain.

How Does Being Happy Keep You Motivated?

Being happy can raise the level of motivation. This article states some ways of being happy and how it influence motivation.

Motivation Comes From Within!

You must realize that you can’t motivate others to be successful believe me it would be nice but it is impossible. Now if you yourself are very successful you may be able to inspire others to find the motivation within themselves to follow in your footsteps. You may think that through a one on one conversation the person really seems to have the motivation, but wait don’t get your hopes up shortly after your motivational conversation it quickly wears off.

Motivation By Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Maslow made a theory based in the realm of psychology, dubbed Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs. He believed that in order for individuals to be motivated, they needed to fulfil one need before the others were unlocked. Read on to find out what they are.

Motivation By Pleasure

What exactly is motivation? Everyone uses it a lot and talks about it very often but let us just clear the air about motivation once so everyone knows what motivation actually is. Motivation is a fire that one feels inside which makes one do something. It makes us strive to achieve something and not falter in the process. However difficult or easy it may be, if motivation is missing, one really can’t do much. In this article, it is talking one of the main factors that causes motivation.

Burning Motivation To Ignite Your Desire

What is that fire inside? Is it courage or its dare to take risk? Is it person’s luck or its hard work? Fire can be define as one’s firm decision to himself not to seat down, not to calm down and not to run away for any how until and unless his desire fulfilled, no matter how high it is or how dreamy it is.

The Necessity Of Persistence

When we start to learn any new thing, like French, golf or public speaking, we never advance steadily. We do not improve gradually. We do it by sudden jerks, by abrupt starts.

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