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Why and How To Overcome Procrastination

All people have procrastinated at least once in their life. Procrastination is very tempting especially if there is a difficult task. However, putting off tasks or projects is not healthy and prevents a person to be productive and live up to his or her full potential.

Turn Loose the Daredevil Inside of You

There’s much more to courage than display of force in a physical contest, courage should serve as the underlying x-factor in which we can exercise all the other virtues of life like wisdom, justice and hope. Courage should start from every individual daring to live their lives to the fullest potential possible. However some people appear to be flying blind in life, guided by a course someone else set for them.

How To Increase Brain Power To Have A Healthy Mind

How to increase brain power has been of great importance in the recent years. Many ask: How powerful is the mind and is there a way to increase that brain power?

From Dream to Distress to Destiny!

Have you ever dreamed of success, taken steps towards that dream, and then wondered who in the world you were kidding? Sometimes a struggler looks at a winner and thinks the other guy never faced failure.

The A – Z of Maintaining Your Motivation

Sometimes change is forced upon us because of a painful experience. Being made redundant might lead to a change in career. The untimely death of a loved one may make us review our lifestyle.

Persistence Is Not Only Power, It Is Life

Think of what existence and life all comes down to in your reality before you read this article. If you came up with anything other than persistence and powerfully strong survival, you are wrong. Think of a plant growing at all costs and adapting to an environment, think of nature itself doing what it does, and you will have an idea of what I am writing about.

Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated

From time to time, everyone gets a little down on motivation. As a web entrepreneur you really do need a reliable trigger to enable yourself to keep going, particularly when you’re first starting out and things aren’t happening so quickly. Different things work for different people, and some may even find a combination of these to be most effective.

Funny Motivational Speakers – The Best Of Both Worlds

A funny motivational speaker is the best of both worlds. They are a meeting planners dream keynote, because they are inspirational and funny. A funny motivational speaker blends humor and wisdom into their presentation, and transform a regular speech into something special and memorable for viewers.

Motivate Yourself Intrinsically

I’m going to stick with the theme of motivation for another article; simply because it’s been on my mind lately as I continue to spend the time developing new products and services. This isn’t easy for me to do; I struggle with motivation at times just like the rest of us. To make things as easy on myself as possible I’ve been going back through the materials I’ve collected over the years; to refresh my memory about what motivation is, and how to grab onto it, if only for a short while.

Mind Your Power To Attract All That You Desire

Did you know that through the powers of the subconscious mind you can attract all that you want, desire and dream of? Did you know that your mind is an extremely powerful magnet, attracting whatever you think of?

Winning The Game Of Life – How To Feel Like A Winner

What is the fuss about winning the game of life? Why is it so important? How can feeling like a winner affect you?

Manifesting Your Dreams – Live Your Dreams

Your life is about manifesting your dreams. You are worthy and deserving of the very best in life. You deserve to live your dream: your dream and no one else’s, no matter how big your dream is.

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