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We Know Procrastination Will Lead to Poverty But Why Do We Still Procrastinate?

Here’s the funny thing about human’s behavior, we all know that procrastination will lead us to failure in achieving our goals and will even lead to poverty in life, but why do we still procrastinate? Have you really thought about that? Continue reading…

The Popularity of Quotes and Sayings

Why are quotes and sayings so popular? The article offers three fundamental reasons as an answer to this question.

Chocolate Cake Or Callings?

A calling is a message from your inner, deeper self that can guide you a greater awareness of yourself and a more expansive experience of life. Sometimes we feel the call, but don’t know what to do first. Start by simply saying “Yes” to the call, and that affirmation will launch you on the path toward fulfillment and a more abundant life!

How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker Online

Motivating people is not just easy in today’s era. It is a matter of being different and being creative in order to lure the audience to make a session that could be a goose-bumpy situation for many. In fact, Motivational talks are popularly known to be a “Moment of truth” in real life where audience meet with the words that could help them explore their life and the initiator here is the “Motivational Speaker”.

Your Helping Hand

It is certainly true that many people need a helping hand at some point in their life, but this week I was thinking about where to find a helping hand with your personal success. Not surprisingly, the answer to this question is that your helping hand is attached to the end of your arm.

5 Motivational Steps to Get Your Life Back on Track

As you go through the daily grind do you sometimes find that you are paying for things that you weren’t responsible for? Do you feel you are always responsible to someone else, with no control over your own life? You are not alone if you do think this way, there are many who feel this way. It is a product of the modern lifestyle.

Why We Often Fail to Stick With Losing Weight

What has conditioning got us into? Did you come across this before as well? You feel the need to make a change for yourself and end up failing, reverting back to your previous ways.

My Boss Does Not Motivate Me is the Lament of the Weak

The world is changing and most of the cradle to the grave jobs are now being transferred overseas to low wage economies where people are not used to pension schemes and employee welfare. Western civilization has to adapt and the workforce must now start to look after itself and not rely on multi-national organizations for a job for life. This article spells out the stark choice facing many self-satisfied old school employees.

It’s a New Day

Embrace a new day, a new beginning. The old has its advantages as well as the new, which gives you the chance to renew your attitude, your behavior, your spirit, your life.

3 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

Everybody has dreams that they wish to achieve but not everyone is able to stay motivated for long enough to see their dreams coming true. Very often, they give up before the magic happens so how do you keep yourself motivated so that you can see your goals coming true one day? In this article, you will find 3 powerful motivational tips to see you through when things get tough.

Motivation – How to Develop the Dream Carrier’s Mindset

Believing is accepting the fact that you can achieve your dream no matter what and all the universal force is at work on your behalf. The circumstances, conditions and events are coming together on your behalf even though you may not physically see it.

Motivation – The Dream Carrier’s Affirmation of Thankfulness

When faced with emotional setbacks, temporary defeat and disappointments, having a strong affirmation can elevate you from a place of depression to hopefulness. It will take you from a place of hopefulness to strength, from strength to confidence, from confidence to action to persistence until you reach your goal.

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