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You are the Master of Your Destiny

Every thought of a human being is transformed as picture in everybody’s mind. The picture transformed into your mind will be depending upon your thought. If your thought is about success, the picture transformed into your mind, will be as if you are getting success. If your thought is failure, then the picture transformed into your mind will be as if you are getting failure.

Are You Suffering from the Autopilot Dilemma?

Break free from the most powerful trap in life…

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Learn how to stop procrastinating and start getting what you really want.

Three F’s and a Challenge

Life is a tricky animal, but the Three F’s are a huge piece of what we’re all looking for. Read more to see how they can get YOU more of the good stuff in life…

Procrastinator No More!

Procrastination is when ever we postpone a task or duty intentionally without a valuable explanation. It is a natural tendency in people. Let’s face it, sometimes we are tired or a specific task is unpleasant to perform and we respond by putting it off until later. If it happens only once or on something of not much importance it is okay. But, what happens when a student keeps putting off the school work. At the last minute he may want to make up for the lost time but fails the class. So, can you see how procrastination can get in the way of your success and objectives? Therefore, it is crucial for people to learn how to avoid this negative tendency and manage it effectively. Below I have added some tips that can convert anyone in to a procrastinator no more!

5 Fun & Easy Ways to Get Out of the Rut

There will always be off-days, that’s part of being human. But what happens when you get a whole string of those off-days, lasting weeks, months or even years? Here are 5 fun and easy ways to get out of that rut.

Why are You Living?

It was 4,O’Clock in the morning, my regular time to leave my bed and prepare myself for the day’s activities. But today, it was special…some thoughts were troubling the peace of my find. Why are we living? What is the purpose of this life? For whom, I am living? For my parents, my spouse, my kids, my country, my religion, NO, I am and in that manner we all are living for ourselves. If today anything happens to me, will my spouse, my parents, my kids, stop living? No, they will not. Then, what is the purpose of living? Why are you living? You are living for yourself, your name, your growth, and your happiness. The purpose of this life is: “You in Particular and others in General”.

The Time To Start Working On Your Dream is Now – Not Later

Most of us are hesitant to start anything because we are afraid we might make a mistake or fail. Go ahead make mistakes! Don’t wait for more experience or to be good enough to start. You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good.

Be Action-Oriented

How often have you met people who have told you a lot of their plans – about what they wanted to do in life and in the near future – but never happened? Are you one of them?

You Think That You’re Listening – But Are You Actually Hearing What I’m Saying

Do you think you’re a good listener? Are you really sure? Maybe you need to pay a bit more attention-

Pushing Through Your Comfort Zone

Personal Growth comes from pushing through our comfort zone. Fear is or greatest obstacle. We need to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Is Failure the End of Everything?

How do you react when things go wrong? Failure is only failure if we don’t learn from it…

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