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Get Inspired by Motivational Speeches

I’m sure you have seen or heard one of those half-time motivational speeches given by coaches to their losing team. Many times, these words of inspiration can create an intense belief in the players, enough for them to turn the entire game around. How does this happen? Words can be very powerful.

Get Motivated – Get More Done Now

Sometimes we get caught up in many things at once, and have a tough time focusing on what we really need to be doing. If you’re trying to do every thing at once, chances are you aren’t doing any of them very well, right? Why not focus on one thing at a time, get it done, then move on?

Don’t Let the Losers Stomp on Your Dream

Don’t let anyone tell you your dream can’t be done. Listen to those who followed their dreams. Successful people follow their dreams, in spite of what others think. Don’t be like everyone else.

Eleven Positive Ways to Maintain Your Motivation

Self motivation cannot exist without purpose and often we find it difficult to locate and create the stimulus and passion that drives us to become motivated, alive and ripe with anticipation. So what can we do to increase our motivation and find the passion that drives us upward and onward? Here are 11 powerful solutions to help you become more motivated.

The Power of Motivational Speeches

Motivational speeches, if done right, can have the power to inspire someone to literally change their lives. When you hear a speech that moves you, you must do something right away or you’ll be wasting the effect.

Change Your Life in 21 Days!

Researchers have found that it takes the average person 21 days to form a habit. Just three short weeks to begin a lifestyle shift.

People Skills – Stay Motivated!

When you share your life in the ways listed in this article, it will be richer and more fulfilling. Plus, you will stay motivated.

Why Not Do What You Want to Do?

If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got. Change what you are doing, change you’re thinking because in doing this you will change your life. You are the only person that can change you.

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

What could be worse than living without passion and purpose in your life? Do you need to put some sizzle back into your workouts, your work life, your relationships and daily living? My goal with this article is to share with you some tips for how to “keep the fire burning” and balance your need for stability and routine with lifelong passion, energy and joy to keep that loving feeling alive!

Motivation Tips – The Five Most Common Initiative Killing Mistakes That Drain Your Motivation Levels

Motivation can wane if you do not cultivate it. This article gives you five mistakes to avoid in order to maintain your motivation.

Four Tips on How to Get Focused to Reach Your Potential

Are you frustrated by knowing you could do a lot better in your career and other areas of your life? Wondered why you just can’t seem to do better? Are you angry with yourself because you are not achieving your potential? And time is passing you by.

Motivation Keys – 3 Universal Laws For Instant Motivation

You can gain instant motivation if you follow certain principles. This article gives you 3 vital factors for increased motivation.

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