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Action = Success!

This Morning I was pondering on what I could write about! Like a shooting star falling from the sign, this email came into my inbox. It was written by the inspirational Mary Blackburn and targeted to the last group who attended the Mental Tool Box.

Find Yourself Some Work to Do

When border collies don’t have any sheep to herd, they are driven to find themselves some work to do. If your job ended, find yourself some work to do, paid or unpaid. Use your in-between time, and talents, with intention.

Momentum and Motivation Acceleration – The 5 Minute Plan

Momentum and Motivation Acceleration-The 5 Minute Plan Have you ever heard of the Law of Inertia and the Law of Momentum?  These laws state that a “still body tends to stay stationary” and “a body in motion tends to stay in motion” You can use the Law of Inertia in your every day life by using what’s called the Five Minute Plan.  This means that the next time you are contemplating a hard or an unpleasant task.

Motivation and Finding Self Motivation

Are you one of those people that have a difficult time finding the motivation to get things done? One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that motivation will simply fall into your lap and everything will be great! Unfortunately, that’s not how it plays out in the real world. You really need to be proactive!

Excuses – Which One is Keeping You From Your Financial Freedom

Whatever you wish to accomplish, there’s no reason why you cannot make it happen. There is no reason why you cannot start right now. When you’re truly committed to achieving your dream, there will always be something that can be done right away, to get started. Action will get you where you want to go.

Why Not Live an Uncomfortable Existence?

Live your life to the fullest. Make the most of the opportunities in your life. Be an active participant in your own life. Enjoy what you have while it lasts.

Be Prepared to Pay the Price

As you move on the pursuit and attainment of some of you newly identified goals and ambitions. There will be many things that will influence you, your desire and motivation toward these goals and the price needed to see them realised.

Sorry, Guys – Time’s Up!

It’s clear that midlife hits men harder than women, because men lack the social network that supports transition. They’re also culturally disinclined to listen.

When All Else Fails, Give Something Away

A good way to get out of a motivation slump is to start that project that has been on your list for years. Add the opportunity to give things away and you find an internal energy that you didn’t realize was there!

I Will Not Give Up Because Life is Unfair – Because Life is Unfair I Cannot Give Up

In the Marine Corps we were taught that you had to have a finish line mentality. One of the slogans that really embodies that principle was simply; Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way. When you are in it for the long haul, you deal with many obstacles and you must push forward as if your back is against the wall.

How Can Some Make Their Dreams Come True?

We all have dreams. We dream of finding the right mate. We may dream about being someone who may be powerful or influential. We like to dream. For that little bit of time that we find ourselves locked in space, deep in our innermost thoughts, this is where we find what we want our lives to be like. This is where we are in complete control over all the things that may concern us in our real lives. When we find ourselves dreaming like this, it can do a couple of things.

Need Motivation, to Put Your Head Up Again?

Some things are there to keep you “thumbed down’. Think about it. Change your dreadful lifestyle.

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