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The Challenges of Boys Into Men

Men become caught in the middle, King of the boardroom, lamb of the bedroom the twist of life is unsettling at very least. Confusion sets in and the man begins to flounder. Just a little at first, like a small earthquake, hardly noticeable then, bam the big one hits. One day he wakes up and he is only a shell of a man and his foundation has been shaken into little pieces.

Stay at Home Moms – You Can Get What You Want Out of Life

While procrastination is the death of your dreams action is the life of your dreams. Take the time to decide what you really want as opposed to what you are willing to settle for. Then write those dreams down and turn them into goals. Make them as big as you actually want them to be.

America is in Desperate Need of Some Fitness Motivation

Let’s face it. People’s health and fitness in the United States has gotten out of hand. Most people take better care of their cars than their own bodies. That is so pathetic, but it is true.

Click! Click! – The Roller Coaster of Life

As Summer winds down, look around. You’re still on the roller coaster. Nine months have gone by since you strapped in for this year’s ride. Can you look over your shoulder and still see the person who took your ticket and told you to ‘keep your hands inside the car at all times’?

Get Happy, Girl! You Are Worth It

If you change the mindset, you change the end of the story. Whatever the story is, you get to write it, create it and live it. If you want more, dream it, plan it, and begin. Start here and go where you want, do what you want. Live that dream!

The Space Between – Making Moments For Profound Self-Care

What small ways can you invite self-care into your life, while still getting everything done? Take a retreat in your seat.

Believe in Yourself No Matter What

Most people face obstacles in life, it’s very rare that anyone can say that they’ve always gotten what they wanted without having to put effort into it. I like to think that this builds confidence and encourages a sense of appreciation for what we earn because nothing worth having comes without effort.

Are You a Quitter? Or a Finisher?

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi. Are you prone to quit at the first sign of obstacles? Is your personality one that leads you to think of great ideas and formulate great plans, only to bail out half way through to the finish line? Then the shame of quitting creeps up on you and it never goes away. It just stays in your subconscious and beats you over the head repeatedly. If that describes you, the good news is – you don’t have to stay that way! You can change. If you’re the type of person who is a great “starter, but a poor “finisher,” it could be due to one of the following reasons.

Put the Binaural Beat Into the Start of Your Day

I used to get this feeling, especially on a Monday morning, after an exhausting, but fun weekend when you feel little better than a zombified mummy. You walk around aimlessly until you get your morning coffee and begin to feel more human than ghost.

Act While There Yet is Time!

Are you ever guilty of putting the cart before the horse? What about doing the nice work before the necessary? Or do you find yourself rushing about constantly arranging urgent priorities? Most of us think we have so much time, yet we get trapped by our lack of time all the time! Work, rest, and play. These must all happen. Let’s make sure we do our work so we can truly earn our rest and play. Let us act while there yet is time.

What is Stopping You From Realising Your Dreams?

Have you not heard scientists, medical professional and mind experts state that you use only 5% of the capacity of your mind? Have you not been told that you have the spirit of God within you; and that you have the power to heal yourself? What about your unlimited potential and that you are a unique human being?

A Penny Saved

Many people consider bending down to pick up a penny to be too much trouble, but Kath Kelly is not one of them. As she surveys the busy street ahead, her thoughts have already turned to the amount of money she might find abandoned on the ground. Kath Kelly is a member of the new generation of cost-conscious consumers, and to her a penny found is a penny saved.

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