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Imagine Your Perfect Life

Do you use visualization that manifests quickly? Do you know the best way to visualize so that you aren’t just wasting your time? Do you know you can change a bad habit or improve a skill through visualization? Have you ever wondered why you get something other than what you visualized?

Reinventing Self – A Light Bulb Moment

Failure comes when we cease to do or be better as a person and as a people. Whether we give in to the idea that mediocre is good enough – or allow ourselves to be discouraged by what we perceive as failures, the only thing that comes from no effort… is no reward. How do you avoid failure and have a “light bulb moment”?

Unending Wealth, Unlimited Success – Money, Motivation and a Sweat Lodge Revival

Allow me to motivate you. Take everything you already know, send $X-amount USD, sit back and get pumped for a re-packaging of all the stuff you’ve heard a million times before. But, if you’re willing to pay me (I’m being sarcastic), do everything I say, and spend the requisite hours-on-end to absorb the dumptruck’s worth of data, I’m sure it’ll stick. Now, immediately hug the person closest to you.

5 Fundamental Tools to Increase Your Motivation

How can you increase your motivation and drive yourself to success? Discover 5 tools that will change the way you think about motivation.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Being Motivated – The Secret Revealed!

There truly is a magical secret to motivating yourself, but you won’t find it in any motivational site, article or proverb. It’s really a lot more simple than you think and no matter how much you tell yourself “maybe for everyone else, but not for me”…even you will have to admit this secret works!

Tips For Working Effectively

Some people feel that they cannot work effectively in their office because of many reasons. Basically, if you know well how to manage your job with the time you have, you can get the effective result in working. Here are going to give you some tips for working effectively.

Attitude Isn’t Everything But It’s a Great Place to Start

Your attitude is a result of all of your life experiences. Some people, based on environment and a variety of circumstances get off to a better start and experience positive adjustments. Others, less fortunate have been influenced by negative forces resulting in negative adjustments.

The Hummingbird and the Spider

A client brought a tightly woven ball of twine to show me how she felt. She pointed to a place inside the ball and stated I’m right there and if I don’t’ get out soon I’m going to die. I shared with her about how our defenses, triggered from our survival response system, can turn in on themselves.

Discovering Our Passion!

To achieve great things in life, we need to be passionate about our goals. Face it, most things worth having are not easy to achieve. Some success can take years and that kind of sustained effort takes more than just a little enthusiasm. My belief is that to achieve great things we need to have a level of commitment that goes far beyond the ordinary. We need to feel our dreams and our goals deep in our bones.

What Can a Burger Teach You About Business?

Did you know a burger can talk? Talk may be cheap but the wisdom gleaned from listening to the lessons learned from paying attention to the messy burgers of your life can be rich and rewarding for you. Want to know what that message burger is all about? Keep reading…

Self Motivation

For doing anything great in life, the first and foremost requirement is that there should be motivation for doing the same. You have an air-conditioned car with a tank full of petrol, a well-tuned engine, good set of tires and music system.

Motivational Words – Three Ways to Catapult Yourself Out of Apathy

If you are a professional procrastinator, this article delivers exactly the motivational words you need to leave apathy and procrastination behind you. Three simple strategies that enable you to become a motivated super-achiever. Blitz boring chores; discover a strategy to alter your self-talk so you become dedicated to getting things done; and determine which tasks to tackle first so as to achieve more with less effort.

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