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Your Purpose – 8 Signs That You Are In Your Place of Assignment

You have a duty, a task an obligation to fulfill during your term on the planet. I call it a term instead of a lifetime in order to underline the limited nature of your duration. Everything that you do must add up as a contribution to the fulfillment of that task. You have been taking assignments seriously all along. Think about the seriousness you applied to the successful completion of your academic degree, course, and diploma, whatever. What about the homework you conscientiously did in high school and the study habits you cultivated?

5 Ways to Turn Unenthusiastic Emotions Into Productivity

Are you letting your low spirits determine your attainment? This article will teach you some techniques that you can put into action in the next five minutes that will improve your attitude and set you on an intercept course to more success.

Small Victories Matter

Sometimes all we can see is the mountain, when the summit is truly the goal. What I have learned through marketing, is that the summit is reached when we scale the mountain a few steps at a time, recognizing the benchmarks, and celebrating the small victories.

How to Find Your Bliss

What are you so passionate about to be your bliss? When pursuing that which you love, you’re serving the universe and yourself. You’re adding your gift to the cosmos by following your true nature. This is what I mean by awakening your authentic self; being in alignment with universal intention.

Each Moment’s Most Important Question

There are very many benefits added to our ability to ask and obey. If we can determine what it is we’re to do, and we do that which is within our capacity, with no lack of courage to excise fear, we can do just about anything – and we’ll please God to boot.

Get Over It

When we allow God to go before us and be with us, we can stop letting our feelings control us. We can look to God to make a path for us and know that what others say and do may be an opportunity to help rather than get our feelings hurt over something. When we realize everything is not about us and we learn to get over it, then we can allow God to help us make a difference.

Getting Over Laziness and Procrastination Effectively

Everyone has had some type of experience with procrastination at some point in their life. However, there are a great deal of individuals who are under the impression that they deal better under pressure and can get things done more effectively by procrastinating. While this is the case for some, for others, the more you put things off, the more delayed you get, and you may just become plain out lazy.

Youth Dreams

Ah, the dreams of our younger years, those tender and ferocious ideas and ideals that we held dear and determined. The driving forces of our twenties or thirties, we often put them away as foolish and forgotten because life began to happen. Educations needed completing; careers were cossetted and chased. Nailed down and following paths of necessity, our lives took turns far and away from those close-held dreams of younger minds and clearer souls.

Three Unusual Techniques For Defeating Procrastination

According to a recent study, one in five people are considered chronic procrastinators, and the number has quadrupled in the last 30 years. Procrastination can crush your life’s dreams, ruin relationships, cost you your job and destroy your finances. If you suffer from procrastination, this article can help you.

Do Something! Time Is Passing

Each time I undertake a challenging goal, I remember that time will continue to pass. Every day the seconds on the clock tick by, and I will never regain those minutes and hours and days. With each ticking of the clock and turning of the page, I want to spend my energy in moving forward. I can’t stop time; I can only stop myself.

There Is No Fate, But What You Make

In every human life, there are moments of change, fear, peace and love… and often, they can all be present in the same body at one time. This article is an commentary on the snippets of truth found in everyday life, movies and the universe – and encouragement to make your own life count… out loud.

What Is Your Shelf Life?

When we start something new and are all excited about it, we think about it day and night. We talk to others about it and we want to work on it all the time. However, after a while, we become a little less excited about things. We tend to look for other ways to make us happy.

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